Zimmer Biomet

Product Listings for Zimmer Biomet
KIRSCHNER WIRES: available in sizes from .7 through 1.6 mm (.028 ... [more]
Kinecity Modular Femoral Neck System
Modular femoral neck system giving the surgeon flexibility in nec ... [more]
L.V.C. Low Viscosity Bone Cement
Radiopaque Polymer Powder and Monomer Liquid ... [more]
Longevity V-Lign Hip Prosthesis
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) with PMMA ... [more]
Maxera Cup (Prod 11444)
The Maxera Cup is a new hip solution designed for younger and mor ... [more]
MAYO Conservative Hip Prosthesis
Bone-saving treatment option for primary femoral replacement. ... [more]
Meshgraft II (Prod 8942)
Skin grafting instrument that affords the operating surgeon a mea ... [more]
MICRO-MILL Instrumentation System/5-in-1
Designed to give the physician the choice between milling and a 5 ... [more]
Miller/Galante Unicompartmental Knee Prosthesis (Prod 347)
Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty prosthesis ... [more]
ML Taper
Plasma sprayed and constructed from titanium. Standard and offse ... [more]
Modular Austin Moore Solid (Prod 842)
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) ... [more]
Most Distal Femoral Replacement
Includes replacement of the distal third femur and hinged total k ... [more]