Zimmer Biomet

Product Listings for Zimmer Biomet
Cast Vaccum
Wheel mounted. Keeps cast room clean and dust free. Filters keep ... [more]
CDH Precoat Plus
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) with PMMA Coating ... [more]
Centralign Option
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) ... [more]
Centralign Precoat
Zimaloy with PMMA ... [more]
Centralign Revision
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) with PMMA ... [more]
CKS Continuum Augmentation Patella
Augmentable patellar component. The CKS Continuum Augmentation P ... [more]
CLS Brevius Stem with Kinectiv Technology
The new hip stem is based on the CLS Spotorno Stem, one of the mo ... [more]
CLS Spotorno Hip Stem
The CLS Spotorno Hip Stem is a pioneering system for uncemented t ... [more]
Cobrex Total Hip
Collagen Repair (ZCR) Patch
Biological patch for the repair of rotator cuff injuries of the s ... [more]
Collagen Repair Patch
A biological implant consisting of an acellular scaffold of colla ... [more]
Contract Manufacturing (Prod 11052)
Precision manufacturing for medical products. Previously availabl ... [more]
Coonrad/Morrey Total Elbow
Total elbow arthroplasty ... [more]
Corb Needle Biopsy Set (Prod 6987)
Bone Biopsy Set that obtains cores of up to 30 mm long with varia ... [more]
Cotton Gloves
The Centerpulse cotton glove offers additional cut resistance wh ... [more]
CPT Stem
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) Alloy - cemented ... [more]
DeNovo NT Natural Tissue Graft
DeNovo NT Natural Tissue Graft is for use with focal cartilage de ... [more]
Dermacarrier (Prod 8945)
Skin expansion for STSG 3:1, 1.5:1 ... [more]
Dough-Type Bone Cement
Radiopaque Polymer Powder and Monomer Liquid ... [more]
highly cross-linked polyethylene ... [more]
Durom Acetabular Component
This product is no longer available. ... [more]
Durom Hip Resurfacing
The Durom™ Hip Resurfacing was developed for the younger an ... [more]
Durom Shoulder Cup
Cemented humeral shoulder head surface replacement. For avascula ... [more]
Echo Bi-Metric Microplasty Stem (Prod 160311)
The Echo Bi-Metric Microplasty Stem is a metaphyseal loading, fit ... [more]