Zimmer Biomet

Product Listings for Zimmer Biomet
Osteobond Copolymer Bone Cement (Prod 893)
Radiopaque Polymer Powder and Monomer Liquid for use with cemente ... [more]
Osteobond Vacuum Mixing System
Vacuum mixing system. ... [more]
Palacos R
Green cement offers increased visibility. High viscosity allows ... [more]
Palacos R+G
Antibiotic cement with gentamicin. ... [more]
Periarticular Locking Elbow Plates
For fractures around the elbow. ... [more]
Periarticular Plating System
full range of proximal tibial, distal femoral, and both medial an ... [more]
Persona Knee System (Prod 1407312)
The Personalized Knee System Improved balancing with 2 mm f ... [more]
PFJ Femoral Component
Femoral component for isolated patello-femoral replacement arthro ... [more]
Poly Plug Intramedullary Cement Plug
Intramedullary Cement Plug ... [more]
Power-Flo Bone Cement Injector
Cement injection system. ... [more]
Pressure Sentinel Intramedullary Reaming System (Prod 358)
Available in four sets Full Trauma Basic Hip Expanded Hip C ... [more]
Primary Porous Patella with Trabecular Metal
Cemented patella for primary total knee arthroplasty ... [more]
Prolock HA Hip System
Proxilock Porous Coated Hip Stem
Increased proximal fixation zone designed for optimal loading. ... [more]
Proxilock-HA Coated Hip Stem
Hydroxyapatite coated hip stem with proximal load transfer for pr ... [more]
PulsaVac Plus Wound Debridement System
Secure locking mechanism for multiple configurations. High power ... [more]
Puros Demineralized Bone Matrix
Excellent handling and time-saving convenience. Ready to use. D ... [more]
Quick-Vac Vacuum Mixing System
Cement mixing system. ... [more]
Retractor Handle Extensions
Plastic handles with peg and hook to attached to end of cobra and ... [more]
Rigidyne External Fixator (Prod 8518)
The Rigidyne is a fixator available in both military and civilian ... [more]
Russell Frame  (FP 11051)Russell Frame (FP 11051)
A surgical assist device that provides a stable platform and easy ... [more]
Schneider Nail (Implant 107)Schneider Nail (Implant 107)
Schneider Nail. Circa 1975. Courtesy of James D. Hundley, MD; ... [more]
Schneider Rod
This product is no longer being produced but some may still be av ... [more]
Select Shoulder System
Offers solutions to the many difficulties that characterize shoul ... [more]
Shoulder II Total Shoulder System
Zimaloy-Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy ... [more]
SI Tracker
No extra incision for bone references. Curved and longer arm ori ... [more]
Sidus Stem-Free Shoulder System (Prod 1801072)
The SidusĀ® Stem-Free Shoulder system is a total shoulder arthrop ... [more]