Femur Nails / Femur Rods

Product Listings for Femur Nails / Femur Rods
BCM System (Prod 643)
Dynamic screw system that can be used with IM nail or side plate. ... [more]
Biorigid Nail Femur (Prod 236)
Reportedly no longer available. ... [more]
Brooker-Wills Interlocking Intramedullary Nail (Prod 11423)
IM nail with fins at the distal end to achieve an interlocking de ... [more]
CHARFIX System (Prod 10112)
Intramedullary nails for femur, humerus, forearm, fibula and clav ... [more]
CLAUFITT Intramedullary Nail
DFN Distal Femoral Nail
This nail provides high purchase in osteoporotic metaphyseal bone ... [more]
Dyna Locking Nail (Prod 990)
Proximal, middle and distal third femoral shaft fractures. ... [more]
Unreamed, locked femoral nail. ... [more]
F2 Nail (Prod 4725)
The F2 Nail is a femoral nail which can be supplied as a cannulat ... [more]
Fassier-Duval Telescopic IM System (Prod 3039)
The Fassier-Duval Telescopic IM System is a telescopic rod / inte ... [more]
Femur Interlocking Nail
Femoral intramedullary nail ... [more]
Fixion Expandable Nailing Systems (Prod 11150)
Expandable, self-locking nail. ... [more]
Fixion IL (Interlocking) Nails (Prod 11151)
Adapts to the contours of the medullary canal.  No distal lo ... [more]
Gliding Nail
Incorporates a gliding blade that is driven into the femoral head ... [more]
Grosse-Kempf Intramedullary Nail (Prod 5936)
Reamed, hollow intramedullary nails which can be locked proximall ... [more]
Hansen-Street Intramedullary Femoral Nail (Prod 5935)
Diamond shaped, solid, stainless steel nail intended for fixation ... [more]
Hip Nail (Prod 4728)
Not available in the USA ... [more]
IM Nails
Manufacturer of IM nails for the femur, tibia and humerus. ... [more]
Kuntscher Nail (Prod 5625)
IM (intramedullary) rod for femur, tibia and humerus Straight ... [more]
Long "Y" nail (Prod 670)
Long Gamma™ Locking Nail
IM Nail for fractures of the proximal femur. [Gamma nail; hip fr ... [more]