Cement Plugs, Permanent

Product Listings for Cement Plugs, Permanent
BUCK Cement Restrictors
Cement restrictor. ... [more]
CERAPLUG Polyethylene Bone Plug (Prod 3262)
A non resorbable bone plug with broad flexible wings. ... [more]
C~plug is a resorbable bone cement plug or cement restrictor. ... [more]
Hardinge Canal Occluder (Prod 5115)
Femoral canal plug for cemented total hip replacement May be us ... [more]
Medullary Plug (Prod 11822)
This medullary plug is manufactured from ultra-high-molecular pol ... [more]
orthoPLUG Soft Bone Plug (Prod 2862)
The orthoPLUG® Soft Bone Plug is a polyethylene canal restric ... [more]
PE Restrictor (Prod 1802119)
The PE Restrictor with flexibly designed polyethylene slats is un ... [more]
Poly Plug Intramedullary Cement Plug
Intramedullary Cement Plug ... [more]
PreVent (Prod 5073)
PreVent is a vented cement restrictor which features a one way ve ... [more]
SynPlug (Prod 2087)
SynPlug™ is a cylindrically shaped plug with 5 flanges, int ... [more]