PICC Line Waterproof Cover (Prod 9620 S419.3)

About PICC Line Waterproof Cover (Prod 9620 S419.3)

Latex free, waterproof cover for Peripherally Inserged Central Catheter (PICC) lines
  • Vacuum sealed technology that make it completely submersible and keep cover from coming off
  • Tan colored
  • Open on both ends to keep hands free
  • Durable material that won't rip or tear
  • 1 year guarantee

If you have a PICC (Peripherally inserted central catheter) you know the area around where the PICC is inserted is prone to infection.

  • Using the Latex Free waterproff PICC line cover when showering or swimming helps to keep bacteria and other contaminates away from the entry site.
  • You can keep the area around the vein completely dry whether you are in the shower or the ocean.
  • If you're receiving infusion therapy for antibiotics, chemotherapy, hydration, or TPN (total parental nutrition) and have a PICC line, with our product you'll be able to take a relaxing and refreshing shower.
  • Vascular Access health care professionals, infusion nurses and home infusion companies are using this PICC protector to keep their patients' level of health and quality of life high.
Sizes and Measurements
  • X-Small - Circumference Range
    • Upper Arm:  6 - 9 inches
    • Lower Arm:  5 - 8 inches
  • Small - Circumference Range
    • Upper Arm:  8 -11 inches
    • Lower Arm:  6 - 9 inches
  • Medium - Circumference Range
    • Upper Arm:  10 - 13 inches
    • Lower Arm:  7 - 10 inches
  • Large - Circumference Range
    • Upper Arm:  12 - 15 inches
    • Lower Arm:  8 - 11 inches
  • X-Large - Circumference Range
    • Upper Arm:  14 inches and up
    • Lower Arm:  9 inches and up
How to measure
  • Upper:  Measure the circumferance of the arm 2 inches above the PICC or bandage site making sure to not measure directly on the joint.
  • Lower:  Measure the circumferance of the arm 2 inches below the PICC or bandage site making sure to not measure directly on the joint.

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