Waterproof Protectors

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Ostomy Protector, Waterproof (Prod 190423 S419.3)Ostomy Protector, Waterproof (Prod 190423 S419.3)
The only ostomy protector with a watertight, vacuum seal Protec ... [more]
PICC Line Waterproof Cover (Prod 9620 S419.3)PICC Line Waterproof Cover (Prod 9620 S419.3)
Latex free, waterproof cover for Peripherally Inserged Central Ca ... [more]
Prosthetic Leg Waterproof Protector (Prod 8561 S419.3)Prosthetic Leg Waterproof Protector (Prod 8561 S419.3)
The only prosthesis protector with the patented watertight vacuum ... [more]
SEAL-TIGHT Protector
Covering for dressings with PICC lines and elbow surgeries, allow ... [more]
Supplemental dressing that allows patients to shower while keepin ... [more]
Shower Shield (Prod 5181)
Latex-free wound dressing/shower cover is the answer to the age-o ... [more]
Waterproof Cast Protectors (Prod 1757)Waterproof Cast Protectors (Prod 1757)
Unique product with unmatched protection that helps improve your ... [more]