HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)

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Augustine Surgical Inc.
6581 City West Pkwy
Eden Prairie, MN 55344




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Patient Safety is Our Passion. Augustine Temperature Management is dedicated to improving patient care through the products we create. We aim to provide clinicians with a safer, more effective, and less expensive means of preventing the adverse effects of hypothermia during surgery.

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About HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)

Warm patients safely during orthopedic implant surgery with air-free HotDog Patient Warming.  Air-free warming is recommended by orthopedic infection control experts for improving patient safety.

Six published studies link forced-air warming to increased airborne contaminants around the surgical site, leading to increased infection risks in orthopedic implant surgery.  Some of the findings include:

  • 2,000 x more airborne particles were present in the sterile field when using forced-air warming compared to air-free HotDog patient warming.*
  • 74% reduction in joint implant infection rates after discontinuing forced-air warming (The hospital switched to HotDog.)*

As a result of the research and an exploding number of product-liability lawsuits recently filed by infected patients, many facilities have discontinued warming.  Unfortunately, hypothermia can lead to many other negative outcomes.

HotDog--with its patented semi-conductive fabric technology--is the safe warming alternative and also provides improved effectiveness and cost savings benefits.  It's the only patient warming system that warms from above and below the patient simultaneously, resulting in a more versatile, more effective warming solution.

Please click on AIRBORNE CONTAMINATION IN THE OPERATING ROOM to see a video demonstrating risks of contamination in the OR with forced air warming.

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