Warming Systems, Patient

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AirPal Patient Transfer Systems (Prod 1604131)
Air-Assisted Lateral Patient Transfer Systems. Caring for the Pat ... [more]
Bair Hugger Therapy Blankets (Prod 4718)
To warm patients when used with Bair Hugger temperature managemen ... [more]
Bair Hugger Therapy Underbody Blanket (Prod 4719)
Fits under patient to provide unrestricted access. This is a bea ... [more]
Bair Paws® (Prod 8298)
Bair Paws® system is a single gown that provides patients the ... [more]
ChillBuster (Prod 11207)
From pre-op to post-op and anywhere warming blankets are used, Ch ... [more]
FilteredFlo Blankets (Prod 4721)
Constant flow of warm air. Non-woven surface for delivering even ... [more]
Gelli-Roll® (Prod 10299)
Whole body warming system utilizing reusable water blanket encaps ... [more]
Geratherm Surgical Warming System (Prod 8451)
For prevention and treatment of peri-operative hypothermia. ... [more]
HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)
Warm patients safely during orthopedic implant surgery with air-f ... [more]
HotDog® Pediatric Warming Systems (Prod 1605031)HotDog® Pediatric Warming Systems (Prod 1605031)
Normothermia for all pediatric surgical patients from newborns to ... [more]
HotDog® Warming Mattress Overlays (Prod 1605032)HotDog® Warming Mattress Overlays (Prod 1605032)
Air-free, water-free warming mattress overlays Patient Safety ... [more]
LMA PerfecTemp
The PerfectTemp™ warming system is permanently placed on th ... [more]
Maxi-Therm® (Prod 150428)
Single-patient use hyper-hypothermia blankets. The Maxi-Therm® ... [more]
Maxi-Therm® Lite Blankets (Prod 150428)
Maxi-Therm® Lite hyper-hypothermia blankets have a strong bon ... [more]
Norm-O-Temp (Prod 150428)
The Norm-O-Temp® is a whole body hyperthermia system that all ... [more]
PlastiPad® (Prod 150428)
The PlastiPad® is a reusable water blanket that is durable an ... [more]
Thermo-Lite Hypothermia Prevention System (Prod 4712)
Designed to keep patients warm and prevent hypothermia by reflect ... [more]
ThermoFlect Heat Reflective Technology® (Prod 160329)
Instant, reliable, cost-effective, heat reflective blanket ... [more]
UB3 (Prod 1604091)
Breakthrough innovation in under-body patient warming using paten ... [more]
Warming Tube (Prod 4722)
Allows full access to patient. When connected with the warming s ... [more]