Zimmer Biomet Spine

Product Listings for Zimmer Biomet Spine
Nex-Link Cervicothoracic Fixation System
An implant system used in the back of the neck to stabilize the n ... [more]
Nex-Link OCT Spinal Fixation System
System specifically designed to provide stability and fixati ... [more]
NexPosure MIS Access (Prod 7364)
Posterior MIS cervical access. ... [more]
Optima Spinal System
Polyaxial pedicle screw system that provides three-dimensional ad ... [more]
Optio‑C Anterior Cervical System
The no profile System is comprised of one PEEK IBF Spacer, one An ... [more]
Oval FlexPosure Retractor with Binocular Visualization
For MIS (minimal incision) spine surgery. Expandable, pliable lo ... [more]
PathFinder and PathFinder NXT
Minimally Invasive Pedicle Screw Systems. ... [more]
Pedestal provides a minimally invasive means to access the verteb ... [more]
Posterior Oblique Lumbar Arthrodesis (POLAr) Instrument Set
Allows placement of a anterior column support at an oblique angl ... [more]
Puros Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Block and Strip
Puros Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Block and Strip — bone gr ... [more]
Puros-S and Puros-S2 Cervical Allograft
Allograft cervical spacer. ... [more]
Puros-S Posterior Allograft
Allograft posterior interbody fusion. ... [more]
SC-AcuFix Anterior Cervical Plate System
Anterior Cervical Plate System ... [more]
Sequoia Pedicle Screw Systems (Prod 8623)
Designed to simplify surgical flow, reduce implantation time, min ... [more]
Silhouette Spinal System
Combines various properties of fixation systems for the spinal co ... [more]
SpeedLink Transverse Connector
complements the BacFix® system to connect rods ... [more]
ST360 Degree Spinal Fixation System
Combines polyaxial screws and lateral connectors into a single sy ... [more]
Synthetic Bone Substitute
Bone Graft - 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% tricalcium phosphate. ... [more]
TiTLE 2 Polyaxial Spinal System
The TiTLE® implant and instrument system is for all open lumb ... [more]
TM Ardis Interbody System
TM Ardis Interbody System is a porous metal implant with an inter ... [more]
TM-S Trabecular Metal Cervical Interbody Fusion Device
The TM-S system is a cervical interbody device incorporating poro ... [more]
Trabecular Metal Technology
Implants constructed of a proprietary material that is highly por ... [more]
Traxis A
The Traxis A device is placed in the spine with unique instrument ... [more]
Trinica® Anterior Cervical Plate System (Prod 1051)
With the Trinica® and Trinica® Select Anterior Cervical Plate S ... [more]
Unison Bone Plate System
bone plate system with cortical and cancellous screws are availab ... [more]
Universal Clamp Spinal Fixation System
The system is now cleared for treatment of idiopathic and neuromu ... [more]
UniWallis™ System (Prod 11399)
The next generation of the Wallis® Posterior Dynamic Stabilizati ... [more]