K2M, Inc.

Product Listings for K2M, Inc.
NILE™ Alternative Fixation Spinal System (Prod 150330)
NILE features low-profile, robust implants and intuitive and ligh ... [more]
PALO ALTO Cervical Static Corpectomy Cage System (Prod 1710293)
The PALO ALTO Cervical Static Corpectomy Cage System is indicated ... [more]
PYRENEES Cervical Plate System (Prod 8287)
PYRENEES low profile plate features a 1.5 mm leading edge which p ... [more]
RANGE Spinal System (Prod 8124)
RANGE includes the next generation low profile MESA locking techn ... [more]
RAVINE Lateral Access (Prod 11279)
RAVINE provides a dual flat blade platform for a true muscle spli ... [more]
RHINE™ Cervical Disc System (Prod 1712041)
Artificial disc replacement that features a one-piece compressibl ... [more]
SANTORINI Corpectomy Cage Systems (Prod 12089)
This device is designed to replace collapsed, damaged, or unstabl ... [more]
Serengeti Minimally Invasive Retractor System (Prod 8120)
Novel approach for screw and rod placement with improved visualiz ... [more]
STCC (Prod 160304)
STCC (cervical cage) received 510(k) clearance as an interbody sp ... [more]
STGC (Prod 160304)
STGC is a generally rectangular vertebral body replacement (VBR) ... [more]
TERRA NOVA Minimally Invasive Access (Prod 9924)
TERRA NOVA is a minimally invasive spine-based access system used ... [more]
VENADO Foam Strips and Granules (Prod 150402)
VENADO Foam Strips are purified fibrillar collagen and biphasic g ... [more]
VESUVIUS Osteobiologic Systems (Prod 12276)
VESUVIUS marks an entirely new family of products designed s ... [more]
VIKOS Allograft Systems (Prod 12277)
VIKOS Cervical offering includes unicortical, tricortical, and il ... [more]
VIKOS Cervical Allograft System (Prod 10679)
VIKOS has been developed to support surgeon treatment of cervical ... [more]
YUKON™ OCT Spinal System (Prod 1803183)
The YUKON OCT Spinal System was developed to help surgeons restor ... [more]