Hemostatic Agents

Product Listings for Hemostatic Agents
Absorbable Hemostatic Bone Putty (AHBP) (Prod 17022771)
Bone putty formulated to provide both exceptional bone hemostasis ... [more]
Arista AH (Prod 7683)
Arista®AH is a sterile, absorbable hemostatic powder consisti ... [more]
Avitene (Prod 4111)
Avitene® is a 100% active collagen hemostat. Avitene® ph ... [more]
Avitene Flour, Sheets and Sponge
Avitene Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostat (MCH) is used in surgica ... [more]
BioFoam Surgical Matrix
BioFoam Surgical Matrix is a unique, dual-action sealant and hemo ... [more]
Biovector Matrix (Prod 11219)
Collagen sponge that easily absorbs blood cells Excellent haemo ... [more]
Blood Stopper Haemostatic Agent (Prod 1409232)
Stable, rapid acting, sterile, medical product of standard vegeta ... [more]
CELOX (Prod 9805)
CoStasis Surgical Hemostat
This product is no longer available - Vitagel by Orthovita may be ... [more]
CryoSeal® System
CryoSeal® System is a micro-manufacturing platform which harv ... [more]
Cyklokapron (Prod 10759)
Tranexamic Acid.  Can be applied topically to reduce intraop ... [more]
EVICEL Fibrin Sealant (Human) (Prod 8368)
Aprotinin-free fibrin sealant for use in vascular surgery and to ... [more]
EVITHROM Thrombin, Topical (Human) (Prod 6382)
The only ready to use all-human thrombin Time to hemostasis equ ... [more]
FLOSEAL (Prod 3823)
FloSeal Hemostatic Matrix is a highly viscous gel for hemostasis ... [more]
Gelfoam (Prod 4011)
Absorbable geletin powder. Available with or without thrombin. ... [more]
HemaDerm™ (Prod 4563)
Topical dressing for the control of severely bleeding wounds S ... [more]
Hemasorb (Prod 1406297)
A resorbable hemostatic bone putty Available with injectable ca ... [more]
Hemasorb Plus (Prod 1406291)
Resorbable hemostatic bone putty comprised of granular hydroxyapa ... [more]
HEMASORB® apply (Prod 1702277)
HEMASORB provides an advanced, practical solution to reliably sto ... [more]
A natural hemostatic product used for the control of diffuse or p ... [more]
MONTAGE® (Prod 1702276)
MONTAGE is a cohesive, settable, and resorbable hemostatic bone p ... [more]
OMNEX Surgical Sealant (Prod 10661)
Synthetic sealant designed to achieve adjunctive hemostasis in va ... [more]
OSTENE (Prod 6598)
OSTENE™ is a water-soluble bone hemostasis material that is ... [more]
PerClot is available in 1g, 3g and 5g configurations with a 100mm ... [more]
Quantra® Hemostasis Analyzer (Prod 2007105)
Rapid assessment of coagulation in perioperative patients To be ... [more]
QuikClot® Hemostatic Dressing (Prod 10244)
Rapidly and effectively stops bleeding. Studies have shown that e ... [more]
RECOTHROM™ is indicated as an aid to hemostasis whenever oo ... [more]
Stypro® is a medical product for the control of bleeding and ... [more]
Surgicel Absorbable Hemostat Family (Prod 4211)
Surgicel is an oxidized regenerated cellulose technology product. ... [more]
Thrombi-Gel (Prod 8358)
Combines the active hemostatic agent Thrombin-JMI to gelatin foam ... [more]