Humerus Plates

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AFT Proximal Humerus Fracture Plate
The AFT™ Proximal Humerus Fracture Plate has been released ... [more]
Alians Proximal Humerus Plate (Prod 2006128)
The ALIANS HUMERUS plates are designed for proximal humerus fract ... [more]
Anatomical Shoulder Fracture System
Designed for anatomical reconstruction of articular proximal hume ... [more]
Angle-Stable Plate for Proximal Humerus
The angle-stable plates for treating fractures of the upper and l ... [more]
Conventus Cage™ PH (Proximal Humerus) System (Prod 150421)
The PH Cage is an expandable fracture cage for the repair of shou ... [more]
Distal Humeral Locking Plates (DHL)
Locking distal humeral plate available in medial and dorsolateral ... [more]
Distal Humerus Locking Plates (Prod 10618)
For treatment of supra and diacondylar upper-arm fractures. Do ... [more]
Distal Humerus Plates (Prod 2012011)
Distal Humerus plates available in 3 variants: Distal Humerus p ... [more]
Equinoxe Fx Plate (Prod 11172)
Part of the Equinoxe® Platform Shoulder System. The lock ... [more]
HELIX wire
Osteosynthesis wire for humerus fractures - New dynamic syste ... [more]
HumeLOCK (Prod 11951)
The HumeLOCK is indicated for complex cephalotuberositaires fract ... [more]
Humeral SuturePlate
Low profile titanium locking plate and screw system. Polyaxial lo ... [more]
Midshaft Humerus Locking Plate (Prod 10739)
4.5 mm cortical screws; 5.9 mm cancellous screws; 5.9 mm lockin ... [more]
Midshaft Plating System (Prod 2007311)
Contents 40 degree polyaxial locking Firm and dependable locki ... [more]
PANTERA® Proximal Humerus Fracture Fixation Plate System (Prod 10756)
PANTERA® Proximal Humerus Fracture Fixation Plate System represe ... [more]
The anatomical fixation system for the proximal humerus with angu ... [more]
Piccolo Proximal Humeral Plate (Prod 1801162)
Made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced Polymer  The ... [more]
Polarus 3 Solution
The Polarus 3 Solution offers two plate options – Standard and ... [more]
Polarus PHP Locking Proximal Humerus Plate
Incorporates a locking construct with an anatomical size and cont ... [more]
PRCT (Prod 11952)
Locking plate for articular fractures of the proximal humerus. ... [more]
Proximal Humeral Fracture Plate System
The Proximal Humeral Fracture Plate System includes two distincti ... [more]
Proximal Humeral Locking Plate (PHL)
For the treatment of fractures of the humeral head that offers a ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Locking Plate (Prod 6883)
For dislocated, unstable, 2, 3, and 4 part fractures, valgus-impa ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Plate (Prod 150613)
The Proximal Humerus Plate’s design addresses two key challenge ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Plate System
Fix first; suture last.  Sits more distally to reduce subach ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Plates (Prod 2012013)
Proximal Humerus plates available in 4 variants: Proximal Humer ... [more]
Proximal Humerus Plating System (Prod 2007307)
Features 40 degree polyaxial locking Firm and dependable locki ... [more]
S3 Proximal Humerus Plating SystemS3 Proximal Humerus Plating System
Designed to provide the greatest patient function with minimal ri ... [more]
Unity Humeral Fracture Plate (Prod 6520)
Previously available from Tornier ... [more]