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AES Ankle Replacement (Prod 10643)
Ankle Evolutive System (AES) TAR is a further development of the ... [more]
AgilityTotal Ankle System
Total ankle joint replacement can offer greater mobility without ... [more]
APEX 3D™ Total Ankle Replacement System (Prod 2007167)
Porous 3D-printed implants with vitamin E imbued highly cross-lin ... [more]
BOX Total Ankle Replacement (Prod 7929)
The BOX (Bologna Oxford) Total Ankle Replacement is one of a new ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas Total Ankle (Prod 548)
A mobile bearing is thought to be the key to a successful ankle r ... [more]
Cadence Total Ankle System (Prod 1704014)
The Cadence Total Ankle System is an ankle prosthesis, commercial ... [more]
Episealer Talus Bone Implant (Prod 1802172)
A line of personalised Episealer® implant products intended for ... [more]
HemiCAP Talus Resurfacing System
For focal defects in the talus rather than total ankle replacemen ... [more]
HINTEGRA Total Ankle Prosthesis
Total ankle arthroplasty prosthesis Not available in the USA ... [more]
Hintermann Series H2™ Total Ankle (Prod 1711122)
Semi-constrained, total ankle replacement prosthesis indicated fo ... [more]
Hintermann Series H3™ Total Ankle (Prod 1711123)
Non-constrained, three-component total ankle replacement system c ... [more]
Hintermann Series H3™ Total Ankle Revision System (Prod 1711124)
Fully compatible with the standard Hintermann Series H3™ TAR im ... [more]
INBONE II Total Ankle System (Prod 11419)
The INBONE® II System is the only ankle replacement on the U.S. ... [more]
INBONE Total Ankle Replacement with Calcaneal Stem
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an ... [more]
INBONE Total Ankle System (Prod 7906)INBONE Total Ankle System (Prod 7906)
7 key features of the INBONE Total Ankle System Substantial ... [more]
INFINITY® Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) System (Prod 1407316)
Key features of the INFINITY® Total Ankle System include ... [more]
Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System (Prod 2404291)Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System (Prod 2404291)
Biometric design that restores the natural range of motion Sem ... [more]
Mobility Total Ankle System
The Mobility™ Total Ankle System, a three-component, cement ... [more]
OSG Ankle Replacement System (Prod 5567)
Total Ankle Replacement system TiN coated bearing surfaces for ... [more]
Ramses Ankle (Prod 10644)
Spheroidally shaped talus that allows rotation about multiple axe ... [more]
S.T.A.R. Total Ankle Joint Prosthesis (H. Kofoed) (Prod 47)
This is a mobile bearing total ankle that requires minimal resect ... [more]
Salto Talaris Anatomic Ankle Prosthesis (Prod 7067)
Provides surgeons the ability to find the anatomic tibio-talar al ... [more]
Salto Total Ankle Prosthesis (Prod 5048)
Total Ankle Joint Prosthesis; Total Ankle Replacement. Previously ... [more]
Talus Spacer, Patient Specific  (Prod 210222)Talus Spacer, Patient Specific (Prod 210222)
Spacer that acts a a total talus replacement.  Joint-sparing ... [more]
TNK Ankle (Prod 7160)
This is a total ankle joint replacement with alumina beads coatin ... [more]
The TOPEZ ORTHOPEDICS Total Ankle System has numerous patented fe ... [more]
Total Ankle Joint Prosthesis (Prod 664)
Total Ankle Joint Prosthesis; Total Ankle Replacement: CUSTOM OR ... [more]
Van Straten Total Ankle Prosthesis
Ceramic coated Total Ankle system. [Total Ankle Joint Prosthesis ... [more]
This is a sample product to display videos. ... [more]