Passers Wire / Suture

Product Listings for Passers Wire / Suture
ArthroPass II Suture Passer (Prod 150421)
The ArthroPass II Suture Passer is indicated for passing suture t ... [more]
Concept® Suture Passer
For suture passing in rotator cuff repair Active window that ca ... [more]
Green Genie Suture Passer (Prod 1407293)
Features Safety grip anodized aluminum handle Wir ... [more]
Hoffee Blue Lasso Suture Retriever (Prod 1407307)Hoffee Blue Lasso Suture Retriever (Prod 1407307)
Comparable to SMITH & NEPHEW® HEWSON® Suture Retriever 71 ... [more]
Micro SutureLasso
Also available as a Minor Bend Micro SutureLasso. ... [more]
NovoStitch™ Disposable Suture Passer (Prod 141212)
Enables the surgeon to construct a circumferential compression st ... [more]
Spectrum MVP (Prod 8684)
Tissue repair system consisting of a patented suture passing devi ... [more]
Wire Carrier (Prod 6975)Wire Carrier (Prod 6975)
These Wire Carriers are designed to facilitate the placing of cir ... [more]
Wire Tucker (Prod 5339)
Designed with two different tips, so whether you have to pull wir ... [more]
Worm Suture Passer (Prod 5697)
The Worm Curving Suture Passer is designed to carry graft passing ... [more]