Tendon Reconstruction / Ligament Augmentation

Tendon Reconstruction / Ligament Augmentation
• Elbow • Foot / Ankle • Hand • Knee • Non-Specific Ligaments • Shoulder
Product Listings for Tendon Reconstruction / Ligament Augmentation
HUNTER Active / Passive Tendon Implants
For use in stage one of the two-stage procedure developed by Dr. ... [more]
Lars Ligament
The Lars Ligament is a polyester woven fibre ligament to address ... [more]
Ligastic (Prod 3561)
An artificial ligament for use in the knee, shoulder, wrist, and ... [more]
Nottingham Hood (Prod 4560)
The Nottingham Hood was developed as a textile implant which was ... [more]
Ortho-Tape (Prod 9765)
The 3mm Ortho-Tape has been specifically developed to provide the ... [more]
Pitch-Patch (Prod 2006185)
Contents Polyester patch that assists in augmenting rotator cuf ... [more]
Poly-Tape (Prod 9766)
Formerly known as the Leeds-Keio Connective Tissue Prostheses (CT ... [more]
Rota-Lok System (Prod 11758)
The Rota-Lok comprises a wide central scaffold which tapers to a ... [more]
Soffix Pleth (Prod 2809)
This technique uses a loop braid consisting of four strands of se ... [more]
Surgilig or Lockdown (Prod 2804)
Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstruction. Indications: A Rock ... [more]
Trevira Synthetic Ligament (Prod 4517)
Polyethylene terephthalates synthetic ligaments that have been su ... [more]