Osteotomes / Chisels

Product Listings for Osteotomes / Chisels
AcuDriver® Automated Osteotome System (Prod 150329)
Air-driven impact handpiece with precision osteotomes in various ... [more]
Bone Chisels & Osteotomes (Prod 10944)
Stille chisels and Stille osteotomes in a variety of si ... [more]
Cement Osteotomes (Prod 1608052)
Cement Osteotomes for use in hip revisions. Previously available ... [more]
Cherry Osteotomes
Straight. One-piece construction on octagonal handle. Overall len ... [more]
Chisel Blades (Prod 9174)
Removable, replaceable blades. ... [more]
Cloward Osteotomes (Prod 6045)
Straight and curved osteotomes. ... [more]
Flexible Osteotome System (Prod 10859)
The Flexible Osteotome System provides various Osteotome Blades f ... [more]
Flexible Osteotome System (Prod 4531)
This Flexible Osteotome System is designed specifically for use i ... [more]
Flexible Osteotome System (Prod 955)
Large assortment of flexible blades that can be quickly changed u ... [more]
Harmon Chisel
For decortication of lumbar vertebral bodies, 6mm blade width, 24 ... [more]
Orthopaedic Osteotomes (Prod 10814)
Slip-resistant Ultra sharp German Stainless Steel ... [more]