Unidentified: Please notify us through "Request Product Information" if you can ID implant.

Femoral Nail:  Unidentified (Implant 230203)Femoral Nail: Unidentified (Implant 230203)
Unidentified femoral nail placed antegrade in Charleston, SC, USA ... [more]
Hip Prostheses:  Total, Primary:  Unidentified (Implant 4240)Hip Prostheses: Total, Primary: Unidentified (Implant 4240)
Low quality image of an unknown hip stem and cup. Any guesses? ... [more]
Hip Prosthesis, Total, AP:  Unidentified  (Implant 4284)Hip Prosthesis, Total, AP: Unidentified (Implant 4284)
Unknown cemented collared stem implanted 17yrs ago Submitted by ... [more]
Hip Prosthesis, Total, AP:  Unidentified (Implant 4176)Hip Prosthesis, Total, AP: Unidentified (Implant 4176)
Submitted by Khurram Pervaiz; VA Medical Center; Richmond, VA, US ... [more]
Hip Prosthesis, Total, Unidentified (Implant 220421)Hip Prosthesis, Total, Unidentified (Implant 220421)
Unidentified total hip prosthesis.  Implanted in Fairfiel ... [more]
Hip Prosthesis, Total:  Unidentified (Implant 230510)Hip Prosthesis, Total: Unidentified (Implant 230510)
Unidentified total hip prosthesis implanted in the 1990s Submi ... [more]
Hip Screw (Implant 191101)Hip Screw (Implant 191101)
Hip screw implanted in Elizabeth, NJ, USA in 1949 If you can i ... [more]
Hip Screw, Unidentified  (Impant 220527)Hip Screw, Unidentified (Impant 220527)
Please help us learn the manufacturer and the name of this screw. ... [more]
Humerus, Nail, AP:  Unidentified (Implant 707)Humerus, Nail, AP: Unidentified (Implant 707)
Humeral nail - NEEDS REMOVAL. What nail is it? ... [more]
Spine Implants, Unidentified (Implant 240317)Spine Implants, Unidentified (Implant 240317)
Unidentified spine fusion rods and pedicle screws. Implanted i ... [more]
Tibial Nail, Unidentified (Implant 151208)Tibial Nail, Unidentified (Implant 151208)
Unidentified tibial nail Courtesy of Robert Jharreeah, Stryker ... [more]
Tibial Nail, Unidentified (Implant 180801)Tibial Nail, Unidentified (Implant 180801)
Please help Dr. Maimin identify the manufacturer of this tibial n ... [more]
Tibial Nail, Unidentified (Implant 190915)Tibial Nail, Unidentified (Implant 190915)
Tibial nail implanted 30 years ago that the patient wishes to hav ... [more]
Tibial Plate, Unidentified  (Implant 404)Tibial Plate, Unidentified (Implant 404)
Submitted as un unidentified implant by Remco Abspoel, Product Sp ... [more]
Tibial Plates, Distal (Implant 1603181)Tibial Plates, Distal (Implant 1603181)
Unidentified tibial plates that need to be removed Courtesy of ... [more]
Unidentified Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 230216)Unidentified Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 230216)
Unidentified total hip prosthesis probably implanted in the 1990s ... [more]
Unidentified Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 230515)Unidentified Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 230515)
Implanted in Miami in the 1990s.  Please let us know if you ... [more]