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Actipore (Prod 150501)
Actipore™ is a porous titanium-nickel alloy with excellent biol ... [more]
ActiveCast (Prod 10037)
The development of this new device has the potential to turn the ... [more]
Adjustable Spine Distraction Implant (Prod 12299)
The "Adjustable Spine Distraction Implant" is an addition to ... [more]
ALLOB (Prod 151002)
ALLOB is an allogeneic cell therapy product for the treatment of ... [more]
ALTIA (Prod 8093)
Silicon nitride, ceramic cervical disc prosthesis Patented, tw ... [more]
AMPLEX (Prod 11189)
AMPLEX™is designed to facilitate foot and ankle fusion sur ... [more]
Amplify (Prod 10528)
Amplify is a BMP-2 with a different formulation and carrier than ... [more]
Amplify rhBMP-2 Matrix (Prod 10656)
Designed for single level, posterolateral spine fusions.  Mu ... [more]
Antegrade & Retrograde IM Nail System (Prod 10015)
An IM nail system that is designed to address proximal and distal ... [more]
Antimicrobial Polyurethane Resins
A drug-free, antimicrobial technology to eradicate Methicillin-re ... [more]
AO Hammertoe (Prod 160606)
3D printed titanium digital fusion implant. This new, low-cost, p ... [more]
AO Wedge (Prod 160606)
3D printed titanium digital fusion implant. The new low-cost, pat ... [more]
Articulinx ICC (CMC Spacer)
Designed for treatment of OA in Interpositional Arthroplasty, the ... [more]
Artificial Disc
Smart Discs spinal replacement disc for the spine mimics the fun ... [more]
The biomaterial, Arxis™, a proprietary osteobiologic nanot ... [more]
Atlas Knee System (Prod 150223)
The Atlas Knee System is designed to treat knee OA by absorbing e ... [more]
Atlas™ Femoral Head Preserving Prosthesis (Prod 7128)
Pioneering hip replacement device that preserves the natural femo ... [more]
Autologous Platelet Integrated Concentration APIC (Prod 150122)
The Autologous Platelet Integrated Concentration ("APIC") System ... [more]
Autologous Spinal Disc Replacement (Prod 11510)
Developing a product for the autologous regrowth of the spinal di ... [more]
BIO4 (Prod 150106)
BIO4, a bone allograft that contains both viable cells and growth ... [more]
Bioactive Glass Spheres (Prod 1501241)
Bioactive glass spheres for bone repair utilizing BioSphere® Tec ... [more]
Bioactive Therapeutic Agents (Prod 8617)
Customized carriers for delivering recombinant human Bone Morphog ... [more]
BioCart Autologous Cartilage Regeneration System (Prod 10530)
A second-generation tissue regeneration implant for the treatment ... [more]
Bioceramic Carrier
Curasan will be working on a joint project with Ben Gurion Univer ... [more]
Biocompatible Polymers and Hydrogels (Prod 12096)
The intention is to leverage the company platform ... [more]
Bioelectronic Implantable Devices (Prod 2006125)
The novel treatment involves a pacemaker-style bioelectronics dev ... [more]