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Interspineous fixation - Modularity - Minimally ... [more]
The Canary in Your FreezerThe Canary in Your Freezer
Currently in the testing stages of a device to improve safety in ... [more]
Flexible yet rigid like a human bone, and immediately capable of ... [more]
TPX-100 (Prod 150624)
TPX-100 is being developed for regeneration and repair of cartila ... [more]
Trauma Products
Products for following indications in the trauma area under devel ... [more]
Triadyme-C Cervical Total Disc Replacement (cTDR) (Prod 150623)
Triadyme-C Cervical Total Disc Replacement (cTDR) is a cervical t ... [more]
Twin Star Compartment Monitoring System (Prod 7950)
A "closed" wound therapy system being developed for patients at r ... [more]