Hip Fracture Fixation

Product Listings for Hip Fracture Fixation
ACE TiMAX Titanium Captured Hip Screw (Prod 5982)
Titanium hip screw for use in hip fractures. ... [more]
AFFIXUS Hip Fracture Nail System (Prod 11356)
The AFFIXUS™ Hip Fracture Nail System treats a wide range of pr ... [more]
Anteversa is an innovative system for the treatment of pertr ... [more]
Hip Compression set Article-No. IC 6000-00 ... [more]
Cancellous Hip Screw
Features a captured external hex design for SCFE and femoral head ... [more]
DCS Implants (Prod 1113)
95 DCS plates 6,8,10,12,14,and 16 holes, 114mm-274mm ... [more]
DHS Implants (Prod 1112)
135 degree - 150 degree standard and short barrel Lag Screws 6 ... [more]
DHS(Dynamic Hip Screw)
DHS(Dynamic Hip Screw) is designed to provide strong and stable i ... [more]
Dynamic Hip Screw System
The dynamic hip screw system has been developed for osteosynthesi ... [more]
Dynamic Hip Screw/Plates (Prod 5614)
Dynamic hip screw-plates with 135 angle and 4,5, and 6 holes. ... [more]
Dynamic Hip Screws (DHS) (Prod 680)
Material: CrNiMo ISO 5832 ... [more]
Dynamic MARTIN Screw (DMS) / Dynamic MARTIN Condyle Plate (DMC) (Prod 3878)
The DMS is an infinitely variable valgisation adapting dynamic pl ... [more]
EPIX VAN™ Variable Angle Nail (Prod 1601241)
Infinitely adjustable in situ Perfect center-center everytime ... [more]
ES Trochanteric Nail™ (Prod 8404)
The extended-short nail system. The ease of a short nail with th ... [more]
Fixion Proximal Femoral Nail System (PF) (Prod 11152)
Both nail and peg expand within bone.  No distal interlockin ... [more]
Flow-Nail™ (FP 150208.920)Flow-Nail™ (FP 150208.920)
510K-cleared nail for stand-alone fixation of intertrochanteric a ... [more]
Galileo™ Trochanteric Nail System (Prod 1410152)
Used in concert with the ES™ Trochanteric Nail the Galileo™ L ... [more]