Stryker Orthopaedics

Product Listings for Stryker Orthopaedics
Accolade™ TMZF Femoral Component (Prod 408)
Uncemented Total Hip Arthroplasty. Uses PureFix hydroxyapatite. ... [more]
Actipore (Prod 150501)
Actipore™ is a porous titanium-nickel alloy with excellent biol ... [more]
Active Unicompartmental Knee
Medical technology company Advanced Surgical Design and Manufactu ... [more]
ADM X3 Mobile Bearing Acetabular System
This Mobile Bearing Hip system is made possible due to the patent ... [more]
Large diameter bearing. No metal-on-metal articulation. Metal s ... [more]
Advanced CasePlan Digital Templating Planning Software (Prod 7363)
Software that allows surgeons to develop a pre-operative plan via ... [more]
Apex® Pin Fixation System
External Fixation System ... [more]
Artelon CMC Soft (Prod 11353)
The major difference between the old Artelon® CMC Spacer and ... [more]
Artelon Spacer CMC-I (Prod 5901)
T-shaped, woven device contructed of biodegradadable fiber to res ... [more]
Artelon STT Spacer (Prod 8474)
For implantation in the scapho-trapezio-trapezoidal joint. Singl ... [more]
Avon Patello-Femoral Prosthesis
Bone and soft tissue preserving design clinically shown to be an ... [more]
AxSOS Extremity Plating System
Incorporates the Asnis Micro Cannulated Screw System ... [more]
Bayley-Walker Shoulder System (Prod 3578)
Fixed-fulcrum shoulder joint prosthesis Indicated for arthritic ... [more]
BioDuct™ Meniscal Fixation Device
The BioDuct™ LLC Meniscal Fixation Device is a bio-absorba ... [more]
Biolox Delta Ceramic Femoral Heads
Several intermediate head offsets. Alumina Matrix Composite (AMC ... [more]
Biosteon ACL Screws (Prod 4168)Biosteon ACL Screws (Prod 4168)
Bioabsorbable implants which contain polymers such as poly L-lact ... [more]
BioZip Suture Anchor
Primarily indicated for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair but has ... [more]
Black Hole
Uses special super wicking DuPont Coolmax® fibers. Works by c ... [more]
Braun-Cutter Trapezio-metacarpal joint (Prod 440)
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPe) component which ... [more]
BRITe (Prod 5884)
Berchtold Reflective Illumination Technology. Chromophare surgic ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 10034)
Large, cannulated screws of stainless steel. To be used for a va ... [more]
Cannulated Screws Asnis III
Asnis III™ Cannulated Screw System ... [more]
Cannulated Titanium Bone Screw System (Prod 1185)
Titanium: Available in 2.3,2.8,3.5,& 4.0 mm. Previously avai ... [more]
Carbon Monotube™ External Fixation System
For treatment of long-bone fractures. ... [more]
CMC Cable FIX (Prod 11829)
Suture button implant designed to stabilize the thumb metacarpal ... [more]
CMC Implant System (Prod 439)
Constrained ball and socket joint maintains stability. Allows fo ... [more]
Command® Express Instrument System
designed for insertion of the Definition® PM Stem ... [more]
CORE Universal Driver
Versatility. Simplicity. Relaibility. ... [more]
Crossfire® Polyethylene
highly crosslinked UHMWPE ... [more]