Stryker Orthopaedics

Product Listings for Stryker Orthopaedics
Quick Wick (Prod 7768)
Absorbs water, saline, blood, Betadine, body fluids, cold sterili ... [more]
RE-MOTION Total Wrist Implant (Prod 7289)
The RE-MOTION™ Total Wrist Implant is a total wrist replace ... [more]
ReFIX Bioresorbable Pins (Prod 6010)
The ReFIX Bioresorbable Pins are awaiting FDA approval. The full ... [more]
Rejuvenate Femoral Platform
Modular system of femoral bodies and necks allowing personalizati ... [more]
Rejuvenate Modular Primary Hip System
The Rejuvenate Modular Primary Hip System was developed to optimi ... [more]
Restoration ADM
Anatomic dual mobility. Bearing solution designed to address dis ... [more]
Restoration DPM (Prod 3868)
The Restoration DPM is a cementless modular femoral revision syst ... [more]
Restoration G.A.P. II Cup
Stryker’s Graft Augmentation Prostheses (GAP)are designed to achi ... [more]
Restoration™ C
implants designed to be used with the morselized cancellous allog ... [more]
Restoration™ GAP
acetabular cage ... [more]
Restoration™ HA
titanium, fully coated revision hip system ... [more]
Restoration™ PS hip system
forged titanium, plasma sprayed implant ... [more]
Restoration™ T3
modular, titanium revision system ... [more]
Restoration™ GAP Ring device (Prod 415)
Titanium reinforcement ring for less severe acetabular reconstruc ... [more]
RESTORIS Family of Knee Systems (Prod 9524)
RESTORIS MCK MultiCompartmental Knee System Innovative and enabli ... [more]
ReUnion Fracture System
Jigless shoulder fixation system. Expandible trial eliminates th ... [more]
rHead Radial Head Implant (Prod 215)
Modular radial head replacement system. Porous finish for bony i ... [more]
rHead Recon Radial Implant System (Prod 7781)
When proper alignment of the proximal radius cannot be achieved. ... [more]
rHead™ Extended Stem (Prod 10968)
The radial Head (rHead™) Extended Stem is to be used in the cor ... [more]
rHeadRECON™ Implant System (Prod 4515)
For use in circumstances where the proximal radius cannot be anat ... [more]
RingFIX (Prod 7914)
The RingFIX™ is a modular, circular, external fixation syst ... [more]
RIO - Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System (Prod 9523)
The RIO™ Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System incorporates ... [more]
S.T.A.R. Total Ankle Joint Prosthesis (H. Kofoed) (Prod 47)
This is a mobile bearing total ankle that requires minimal resect ... [more]
Savile Row Unicondylar Knee
The Savile Row Unicondylar Knee (Series I) is a medial unicompart ... [more]
single axis total knee system posterior stabilized ... [more]
Scorpio® TS Total Knee System
single axis total knee system ... [more]
Single-axis, total knee system ... [more]
SCS Distal Radius Plating System (Prod 436)
Tines of the Distal Radius Plates engage the strong subchondral b ... [more]