Stryker Orthopaedics

Product Listings for Stryker Orthopaedics
Long Gamma™ Locking Nail
IM Nail for fractures of the proximal femur. [Gamma nail; hip fr ... [more]
Lottes Tibial Nail (Prod 5779)
The Lottes Tibial Nail (pronounced "lotties") is a stainless stee ... [more]
Mako System (Prod 1703294)
The Mako System is a robotic-arm assisted technology for joint re ... [more]
MAKOplasty Total Hip Arthroplasty (Prod 11065)
The MAKO total hip replacement application is designed to augment ... [more]
Massive Custom Implants
We have been designing and manufacturing limb salvage custom made ... [more]
METS® (Modular Endoprosthetic Tumour System) (Prod 3577)
Engineered for simplicity, our METS® (Modular Endoprosthetic Tum ... [more]
Mini-Rail Fixation System (Prod 10033)
The Mini-Rail System is a unique and highly adjustable fixation s ... [more]
MiNi™ Cannulated Screw System (Prod 1708261)
The MiNi™ cannulated screw system is specifically designed for ... [more]
The MITCH TRH™ System is a total hip femoral head resurfaci ... [more]
Mixevac 3 Bone Cement Mixer
High vacuum mixing bowl. ... [more]
Modular Replacement System [MRS] Femur
reconstruction of large segmental bone defects of the femur. Avai ... [more]
Multiple Small Bone Products (Prod 4990)
Currently more than 42 products on the market. 16 are indicated f ... [more]
NanoTack® Anatomic Labrum Restoration System (Prod
The NanoTack suture anchor is a mere 1.4 mm in diameter, yet it f ... [more]
Neptune Waste Management System
Self contained, suction system that includes the pump and large c ... [more]
Omnifit® EON® femoral stem
cemented total hip arthroplasty ... [more]
OPERON (Prod 4044)
A manually operated fracture table for use in orthopaedic trauma. ... [more]
Orthopedics Hyperguide (Prod 4308)
Interactive study tool and educational resource for orthopaedic p ... [more]
Osteonics® Omnifit® Cemented Long Stem (Prod 418)Osteonics® Omnifit® Cemented Long Stem (Prod 418)
Indicated for cemented revisions, fracture non-unions, failure of ... [more]
Passport™ Total Knee Instruments
total knee instruments ... [more]
Pelvic Alignment Level
The PAL. Pelvic alignment level with leg length guide/offset gui ... [more]
PoingFix™ Wrist Fixator (Prod 2686)
Tibial/ Femoral Fractures, Distal/ Radius Fractures, Humeral ... [more]
Precise Guidance Technology (PGT) (Prod 7288)
PGT is a proprietary instrument system to facilitate the correct ... [more]
Precise SD Distal Radial Volar Plate (Prod 9452)
The Precise SD Distal Radial Volar Plate is a low profile, surfac ... [more]
PreFlex Implant (Prod 443)
Preflexed to a 30-degree natural angle, anatomically simulating t ... [more]
PureFix™ HA Stem
uncemented total hip arthroplasty ... [more]