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Product Listings for MatOrtho Ltd
ADEPT Hip System (Prod 4774)
Metal on metal hip resurfacing. The Acrobot Co. Ltd. has signed a ... [more]
BOX Total Ankle Replacement (Prod 7929)
The BOX (Bologna Oxford) Total Ankle Replacement is one of a new ... [more]
Dual Bearing Knee System (DBK®) (Prod 2696)
Dual surface articulation between the polyethylene (UHMWPE) inser ... [more]
Freeman Hip Stem (Prod 2698)
First implanted in 1981 Designed for minimum bone resection as ... [more]
Medial Rotation Knee (Prod 2697)
The Medial Rotation Knee™ is the first of a new generation ... [more]
Proximal Interphalangeal Replacement (PIPR) (Prod 12058)
The Proximal Interphalangeal Replacement (PIPR™) is designe ... [more]
Total Metacarpophalangeal Replacement (TMPR) (Prod 2699)
The Total Metacarpophalangeal Replacement (TMPR™) is of sem ... [more]