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Advanced Universal K Table (Prod 1602271 C216.1)Advanced Universal K Table (Prod 1602271 C216.1)
Carbon Fiber, 36" Length Designed to offer accessibility for su ... [more]
Alumi-Hand (Prod 8063 C315.1)Alumi-Hand (Prod 8063 C315.1)
The Alumi-Hand is the unique, patented, ready-to-use surgical h ... [more]
C-thru Acrylic Armboard (Prod 7700 C315.1)C-thru Acrylic Armboard (Prod 7700 C315.1)
Transparent Support; that's the whole idea behind the C-Thru Hand ... [more]
C-thru Infant Spica Board (Prod 7704 C415.1)C-thru Infant Spica Board (Prod 7704 C415.1)
Inexpensive substitute for a pediatric spica table and a better w ... [more]
C-Thru Leg Triangle (Prod 1602051 C316.1)C-Thru Leg Triangle (Prod 1602051 C316.1)
Provides support for the leg during surgical prep, averting the n ... [more]
Carter Arm Elevation Pillow (Prod 9686 C415.1)Carter Arm Elevation Pillow (Prod 9686 C415.1)
Originally designed by hand surgeon, Dr. Peter Carter, the redesi ... [more]
Carter Hand Surgery Hand Table (Prod 7901 C315.1)Carter Hand Surgery Hand Table (Prod 7901 C315.1)
This table and traction accessories allow for the easy applicatio ... [more]
CSK-81 Cool Soak Kleener for Instruments (Prod 1603204 C316.1)CSK-81 Cool Soak Kleener for Instruments (Prod 1603204 C316.1)
Removes rust, stains, and mineral deposits without an ultrasonic ... [more]
Digi Grip (Prod 8065 C315.1)Digi Grip (Prod 8065 C315.1)
Provides traction during wrist arthroscopies and casting procedur ... [more]
DuraHand (Prod 8064 C415.1)DuraHand (Prod 8064 C415.1)
Reusable, easy to sterilize surgical hand immobilizer Le ... [more]
Endo Distal Tip Protector (Prod 1603203 C316.1)Endo Distal Tip Protector (Prod 1603203 C316.1)
Foam protection for the delicate end of flexible endoscopes ... [more]
EndoCap Keepers (Prod 1603202 C316.1)EndoCap Keepers (Prod 1603202 C316.1)
Helps decrease downtime and expensive endocope repairs caused by ... [more]
Endoscope Repair Services (Prod 7900 C316.1)Endoscope Repair Services (Prod 7900 C316.1)
The best repair service at the best price with the best turn-arou ... [more]
Finger Traps, Nylon (Prod 6422 C415.1)Finger Traps, Nylon (Prod 6422 C415.1)
Designed for optimum patient comfort Provide a firm grip while ... [more]
Finger Traps, Stainless Steel (Prod 160228)Finger Traps, Stainless Steel (Prod 160228)
Reusable, stainless steel finger traps Wrap the patient's finge ... [more]
Free Standing Arm Table (Prod 1602272 C216.1)Free Standing Arm Table (Prod 1602272 C216.1)
Lexan Top with Base and Locking Casters, 30" Length Upper extre ... [more]
Instra-Glide Instrument Lubricant (Prod 1603206 C316.1)Instra-Glide Instrument Lubricant (Prod 1603206 C316.1)
Instra-Glide Soak: Non-silicone lubricant to help maintain surgic ... [more]
Instrument Repair Services (Prod 160324 C316.1)Instrument Repair Services (Prod 160324 C316.1)
The best repair service at the best price with the best turn-arou ... [more]
Lexan Universal Lexan Universal "K" Table (Prod 8061 C415.1)
Clearly, the Lexan Universal "K" Table is the versatile surgical ... [more]
Self-Supporting Arm Table (Prod 8062 C415.1)Self-Supporting Arm Table (Prod 8062 C415.1)
Ideal for surgery centers, ORs and in-office procedures Feature ... [more]
Specialty Surgical Tables (Prod 2380 C415.1)
Light-weight, strong, versatile. Radiolucent, carbon fiber compo ... [more]
SSK-80  Stainless Steel Kleener (Prod 1603205 C316.1)SSK-80 Stainless Steel Kleener (Prod 1603205 C316.1)
The best and most convenient instrument rust and stain remover fo ... [more]
Ultra Lite Hand Table (Prod 1602273 C216.1)Ultra Lite Hand Table (Prod 1602273 C216.1)
Carbon Fiber, 30" Length, Legless option Every aspect desi ... [more]