Endoscope Repair Services (Prod 7900 C316.1)

About Endoscope Repair Services (Prod 7900 C316.1)

The best repair service at the best price with the best turn-around.

One of the only ISO certified independent repair labs in the country. Your choice for high-quality, affordable sercive.  Here's why:

  • High quality repairs
  • Fast turn-around time
  • ISO certified
  • FDA registered
  • GPO contracts with discounts
  • Affordable, cost-effective repairs
  • Much faster and less expensive than the manufacturers
  • 35+ years in the industry
  • Free loaners
  • Great customer service
  • Custom Reports

Service flexible scopes, rigid scopes, surgical cameras, handpieces, phacos, hand-held instruments and more.  Most makes and models serviced, from minor repairs to complete rebuilds.

Flexible Scopes:  Experienced technicians trained in the repair of all major manufacturers' flexible endoscopes from replacing bending rubbers, adjusting angulation, reinstalling biopsy channels to complete rebuilds performed in lab.

Rigid Scopes:  Stortz, Stryker, Olympus, ACMI, Wolf, Linvatec/Hall repaired.  Services include rod lens replacement, tubing and optics replacement, objective assemblies, eyepiece replacements, and more up to complete rebuilds.

Surgical Cameras:  Repair and refurbishment of all major brands of medical grade cameras including Stryker, Storz, Solos, Olympus, Linvatec/Hall, Wolf, Weck, and others.  Help stretch tight budgets without sacrificing quality or dependability.

Handpieces:  All major brands of pneumatic, electrical, and battery-powered handpieces including Linvatec/Hall, Stryker, 3M, Microaire, Synthes, Midas Rex, and more repaired.

Phacoemulsifiers:  Can stretch your budget with competitive pricing for Alcon, AMO, Storz, Ethicon, Chrion, Staar, and other phacos.  Includes repair of broken tips, fractured crystal, dents, cable and connector damage.

Hand-Held Instruments:  Hand-held surgical instrument repair is our cornerstone.  Scissors, osteotomes, forceps, as well as complete trays of surgical instruments inspected and repaired by our technicians.

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