IP Joints / Interphalangeal Joints

Product Listings for IP Joints / Interphalangeal Joints
ExtremiFuse Hammertoe Implant (Prod 150713)
ExtremiFuse Hammertoe implant integrates established screw techno ... [more]
HPI / Hemi Phalangeal Implant (Prod 1401024)
Anatomical contour to optimize range of motion. Thin, highly pol ... [more]
InterPhlex Flexible Stabilization Rods (Prod 3409)
Inter-phalangeal and metatarsal-phalangeal flexible stabilization ... [more]
Opti‐Toe® (Prod 1711163)
The opti-Toe® device is indicated for reconstruction of the less ... [more]
OrthoFlex Hammertoe Implants (Prod 11819)
Excellent option for hammertoe deformity treatment as an alternat ... [more]
PRO-TOE VO Hammertoe Fixation System
PRO-TOE™ VO Hammertoe Fixation System is a product tha ... [more]
Shaw-SHIP Rod
Hammertoe Implants ... [more]
SHIP Implant
An Alternative to traditional arthroplasty and fusion procedures ... [more]
ToeMATE™ System (Prod 150630)
Strong, easy to install intramedullary bone screw implant with pr ... [more]
Weil Type Swanson Design Hammertoe Implants
For implantation in proximal interphalangeal joints of the latera ... [more]