Minimally Invasive Spine Implants

Product Listings for Minimally Invasive Spine Implants
Affinity™ (Prod 141213)
Affinity™ is a modern, minimally invasive ALIF interbody fusion ... [more]
Apelo MIS Pedicle Screw System (Prod 7522)
The Apelo MIS Pedicle Screw System is a spinal implant system use ... [more]
APEX Minimally Invasive System (Prod 7502)
APEX Minimally Invasive System features a broad selection of scre ... [more]
ApiFix® System (Prod 150619)
ApiFix® System - a non-fusion minimally invasive treatment alter ... [more]
Aspen Flared 5-1 MIS Fusion System (Prod 11633)
Aspen™ Flared 5-1 MIS Fusion System is a spinous process fi ... [more]
Aspen MIS Fusion System (Prod 10156)
The Aspen MIS Fusion System is a family of minimally invasive spi ... [more]
Aspen Spinous Process Fixation System (Prod 11741)
Uniquely designed by surgeons for surgeons, the Aspen Spinous Pro ... [more]
Avance MIS Pedicle Screw System (Prod 1502172)
The Avance MIS Pedicle Screw System is intended for posterior, no ... [more]
AVATAR Minimally Invasive Spinal System (Prod 9923)
The AVATAR MIS System provides a unique approach to delivering pe ... [more]
AxiaLIF® Plus (Prod 160215)
The AxiaLIF® Plus (Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion) System is desi ... [more]
Axle® Interspinous Fusion System (Prod 10834)
The Axle Interspinous Fusion System is an internal fixation devic ... [more]
BridgePoint Spinous Process Fixation System (Prod 151208)
The BridgePoint Spinous Process Fixation System is a Minimally In ... [more]
Cascadia Lateral Interbody System (Prod 1601121)
Lamellar titanium technology is proprietary technology that uses ... [more]
coflex-F™ (Prod 9606)
The coflex-F™ implant is designed for permanent implantatio ... [more]
DTRAX Expandable Cage System (Prod 11585)
Sterile, single-use kit containing all the tools and implants tha ... [more]
EndoLIF® O-Cage (Prod 150307)
The EndoLIF® O(Oblique)-Cage has been introduced to offer a mini ... [more]
Enza (Prod 1601216)
MIS Zero Profile ALIF ... [more]
EOS™ (Prod 141213)
EOS™ is a modern, minimally invasive TLIF interbody fusion syst ... [more]
Facet Fixation System (Prod 5826)
The Facet Fixation System™ includes the Facet Gun™, a single- ... [more]
FacetLINK (Prod 150519)
FacetLINK uses two screws and a plated cross-connector assembly t ... [more]
FacetLINK MINI (Prod 150806)
The implant is manufactured from titanium and designed for placem ... [more]
G2-Inserter (Prod 1801233)
The patent-pending G2-Inserter redefines the meaning of an all-in ... [more]
Ghost™ (Prod 7465)
The Ghost™ is a minimally invasive system made from Invibo® PE ... [more]
HA MinutemanG3 (Prod 1801231)
The HA MinutemanG3 is a minimally invasive, interlaminar fusion d ... [more]
Hgraft Spinal Implant System (Prod 11755)
The Hgraft system is comprised of structural allograft implants d ... [more]
iFuse Implant System® (Prod 10364)
The iFuse Implant System® is a commercially available device int ... [more]
ILLICO MIS System (Prod 9897)
The ILLICO MIS System is a minimally invasive posterior fixation ... [more]
LimiFlex™ Paraspinous Tension Band (Prod 11636)
Implanted through a dorsal approach, typically through the same i ... [more]
LUMIS System (Prod 11501)
Based on X.P.L.U.S.™ screw technologies and patents, & ... [more]
MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control System) (Prod 9935)
The MAGEC™ MAGnetic Expansion Control System utilizes a novel m ... [more]