Tibial Nails

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Apex Tibial Nailing System (Prod 1801202)
The Apex system's revolutionary micromotion locking mode allows c ... [more]
Kuntscher Nail (Prod 5625)
IM (intramedullary) rod for femur, tibia and humerus Straight ... [more]
Lottes Tibial Nail (Prod 5779)
The Lottes Tibial Nail (pronounced "lotties") is a stainless stee ... [more]
Low-Profile Tibial Nail (Prod 4183)
Allows 3.2 mm guide wire. 3 distal screw holes beginning with 7. ... [more]
Nite Tibial Nail (Prod 2011062)Nite Tibial Nail (Prod 2011062)
Nite is a titanium nail designed for the treatment of tibial frac ... [more]
Phoenix Tibial Nail System
The Phoenix Tibial Nail features innovative CoreLock technology. ... [more]
Piccolo Composite Tibial Nail (Prod 11144)
Carbon fibers reinforced polymer.  Endless longitudinal and ... [more]
SMPL Regular Tibia Interlocking Nail (Prod 3054)
Tibia Interlocking Nail that gives stability in all directions es ... [more]
Targon T
Tibial nail ... [more]
Tibial Interlocking Nail (Prod 2799)
Tibial intramedullary nail ... [more]
Tibial Nail (Prod 4727)
Not available in the USA ... [more]
Tibial Nail System
The Tibial Nail System is intended to provide stabilization of va ... [more]
Tibianail is an unreamed tibial nail for locking distal and proxi ... [more]
Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail
Expert System. Stabilization of fractures of the proximal and di ... [more]
Titanium Tibial Nail
8mm solid, 9mm solid, 10mm solid, 10mm cannulated, 11mm cannulate ... [more]
TriGen Knee Nail
Retrograde femoral nail. ... [more]
True/Flex Tibia IM Nail System (Prod 541)
Note: This item is no longer being manufactured. Non-reamed s ... [more]
VersaNail Tibial Nailing System
Expanded working length. More locking options. Easier-to-use in ... [more]
YI Tibial Intramedullary Locking Nail System
YI intramedullary locking nail systems provides advanced trauma s ... [more]