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Arthroscopic Leg Holder (Prod 11779 C117.1)Arthroscopic Leg Holder (Prod 11779 C117.1)
Adjustable Velcro® securing strap allowing for one handed rigid ... [more]
Arthroscopic Leg Holder (Prod 8144 C1218.15)Arthroscopic Leg Holder (Prod 8144 C1218.15)
Versatile, easy-to-use, leg holder for arthroscopic knee surgery ... [more]
Arthroscopic Stress Post (Prod 7812)
A fulcrum for improved access to the medical compartment of the k ... [more]
Arthroscopic Stress Post (Prod 7813)
Waterproof Arthroscopic Stress Post Fulcrum that allows surgeon t ... [more]
Broadhead Mini Pegboard System (Prod 1805043)
The Broadhead Mini Pegboard System is the only arthroscopic patie ... [more]
Classic Arthroscopic Leg Holder System (Prod 7807)
This arthroscopic leg holder immobilizes the thigh and allows for ... [more]
De Mayo Steri-Post Arthroscopy Post
Sterile posts provide access to the medial and lateral compartmen ... [more]
Delgado Inflatable Post (Prod 9279)
The Delgado Inflatable Post™ is a fully adjustable cushion that ... [more]
Deluxe Arthroscopic Legholder System (Prod 1975)
Smooth, uni-directional locking mechanism enables the caregiver t ... [more]
DePuy Leg Holder / Stille Leg Holder / Gillquist Leg Holder (Prod 8918 C115.1)
Unique and quick adjustment to any thigh size-turning crank handl ... [more]
FREEDOM OR Arthroscopic Stress Post (Prod 7819)
FREEDOM® OR Arthroscopic Stress Posts provide a comfortable and ... [more]
FREEDOM OR Leg Holders
Vinyl-Coated Operative Leg Holder secures and cushions patien''ts ... [more]
Gel Insert for Leg Holders (Prod 11781 C117.1)Gel Insert for Leg Holders (Prod 11781 C117.1)
Reusable Gel Insert Designed for arthroscopic leg holder ... [more]
Instrument Makar Leg Holder (Prod 8917 C115.05)Instrument Makar Leg Holder (Prod 8917 C115.05)
The original Surgical Assistant designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson. ... [more]
Leg Comfort Pad (Prod 1407281)
Disposable Pad with two foam layers laminated together P ... [more]
Leg Holder (Prod 2056)
Knee arthroscopy leg holder. ... [more]
Leg Holder Foam Inserts (Prod 4656 C115.1)Leg Holder Foam Inserts (Prod 4656 C115.1)
Inserts come in Single use and Reusable options. Single Use F ... [more]
Leg Stabilizer
Adjustable with foam pad designed for tourniquet use. ... [more]
Low Profile Leg Holder (Prod 4655 C115.1)Low Profile Leg Holder (Prod 4655 C115.1)
Low-profile, or low-height, leg holder. Also known as "The Airli ... [more]
Montgomery Knee Board (FP 9767.318)Montgomery Knee Board (FP 9767.318)
Well-leg holder for positioning of the non-operative leg in arthr ... [more]
Parent Post Pad (Prod 1704211)
Pad for arthroscopy stress post Product Details Steri ... [more]
Rema Leg Holder (Prod 3362)
Leg holder for knee arthroscopy, radiolucent and comes with two c ... [more]
Rigid Foam Insert for Arthroscopic Leg Holder ALH (Prod 11780 C117.1)Rigid Foam Insert for Arthroscopic Leg Holder ALH (Prod 11780 C117.1)
Disposable dense foam inserts that wrap around the leg and allow ... [more]
RLH 630 Arthroscopy Leg Holder
Low profile and easy to use holder that fits into any Clark socke ... [more]
Shutt Universal Stress Post / Schutt Lateral Post (Prod 1481)
Non-sterile, padded lateral post with a break-away design that al ... [more]
Small Joint Limb Holder
The Arthrex Small Joint Limb Holder is ideal for pediatric knee a ... [more]
Solorail Support System (Prod 1805041)
The Patented Solorail Support System is the solution to total kne ... [more]
Standard Profile Leg Holder (Prod 5025 C115.1)Standard Profile Leg Holder (Prod 5025 C115.1)
Easy to use. Lightweight. Foam inserts. Stainless steel. Ite ... [more]
Stress Post for Arthroscopic Surgery (Prod 1901012 C1218.15)Stress Post for Arthroscopic Surgery (Prod 1901012 C1218.15)
Fulcrum that allows the surgeon to lever the leg to gain better a ... [more]
Stryker Type Leg Holder (Prod 8919 C115.1)Stryker Type Leg Holder (Prod 8919 C115.1)
A new version of the discontinued Stryker model Features ... [more]