Calcaneus (os calcis) Plates

Product Listings for Calcaneus (os calcis) Plates
Anterolateral Plate
Five-hole plate matched to the curivture of the posterior facet a ... [more]
The Calcanea™ calcaneal fracture fixation plate is a plate ... [more]
Calcaneal Plates
60mm and 70mm ... [more]
Calcaneus Free Choice Angle Locking Plate (Prod 6887)
For the treatment of complex fractures of the calcaneus. Free Cho ... [more]
Calcaneus Locking Plate (CAL)
For stabilisation of calcaneus fractures ... [more]
CalcLock Calcaneal Trauma System (Prod 8049)
Bone fixation plates and screws designed for fractures of the cal ... [more]
CalcLock Extreme™ (Prod 150421)
The CalcLock Extreme™ system provides anatomically contoured pe ... [more]
CalFix Calcaneal Plate and Screw System (Prod 11235)
This system is comprised of plates and screws made of titani ... [more]
CPS Plate (Calcaneus-Plating-System) (Prod 10723)
Universal malleable plate that fits both right and left feet. ... [more]
DPS Plate (Displacement-Plating-System) (Prod 10722)
Step plate for fixation of calcaneal displacement osteotomies. ... [more]
EdgeLock™ (Prod 150421)
The EdgeLock™ plating technique creates a firm buttress to prev ... [more]
Foot Recon Plating System (Prod 2003312)
More than 60 unique plate options from 15 plate families: MTP Fus ... [more]
HY - Calcaneus Plate System (Plate 869)
A titanium plate system for calcaneus fracture fixation. ... [more]
Locking Calcaneal Plate
Anatomic, ultra-low profile plate with added strength through the ... [more]
Locking Calcaneal Plates
left and right, short and long ... [more]
OFC system
Os Calcis Plate (Prod 2702)
The Os Calcis Plate was developed specifically for open reduction ... [more]
PIA Plate (Poly-Interpositionig-Arthrodesis) (Prod 10720)
Stable fixation for rearfoot correction osteotomies and fusions. ... [more]
VLP FOOT Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System
The VLP™ FOOT Percutaneous Calcaneus Plating System is spec ... [more]
Wave™ Calcaneal Fracture Plate (Prod 10647)
The Wave™ Calcaneal Fracture Plate is the first such system to ... [more]