Lower Extremity Orthotics

Product Listings for Lower Extremity Orthotics
ActiPatch (Prod 5236)
Noninvasive treatment specifically designed to treat plantar fasc ... [more]
ActivArmorâ„¢ (Prod 1802121)
Water-safe, breathable and hygienic orthosis with the potential t ... [more]
Arch Rival
The Arch Rival™ is a patented pre-fabricated orthotic desig ... [more]
Bebax Tri-plane Pediatric Forefoot Orthosis (Prod 2627)
Orthosis designed for the treatment of pediatric forefoot deformi ... [more]
BursaMed Dressings (Prod 9806)
Medical literature continues to reveal the deleterious role of sh ... [more]
Custom Orthotics (Prod 140730)
Custom orthotic devices to support or correct musculoskeletal fun ... [more]
Custom Orthotics for the Lower Extremity (Prod 3433)
Company also provides orthotic componentry including the Steplock ... [more]
Easy Walk (Prod 9569)
Easy Walk- a line of new generation standard orthopaedic orthoses ... [more]
Foot Orthotics
A range of orthopaedic orthotics using a material called polynyol ... [more]
Hip Abduction Orthosis (Prod 2574)
Modular hip abduction system designed to provide superior fit, ad ... [more]
Orthotics (Prod 11529)
A unique orthotic design and material composition gives the weare ... [more]
Pre-molded & Custom Orthotics (Prod 7608)
Pre-molded orthotics and custom (arch supports) to help control a ... [more]
Prescription Foot Orthotics
Prescription biomechanical foot orthotics. The orthotics are desi ... [more]
S.W.A.S.H. Orthosis
Standing-Walking-And-Sitting-Hip Orthosis is a unique orthotic so ... [more]
Silicone Dynamic Orthotic
The Silicone Dynamic Orthotic is an arch support using silicone f ... [more]
Soft Step Foot Corrector
The Soft Step Foot Corrector is the mainstay orthotic product tha ... [more]
The WalkAide is a revolutionary new option in the treatment of fo ... [more]