Structure + Bone Growth Stimulators

Product Listings for Structure + Bone Growth Stimulators
ßGran™ (Prod 7494)
ßGran™ (pronounced beta-gran) synthetic osteoconductive scaffo ... [more]
BonGold™ Mineralized Collagen Bone Graft (Prod 1703101
Bone graft substitute that resembles native bone matrix in both c ... [more]
Collage Osteoconductive Scaffold (Prod 11754)
Collage™ Osteoconductive Scaffold is a new bone graft ... [more]
ENGIpore (Prod 2982)
ENGIpore is an innovative porous hydroxyapatite biomaterial with ... [more]
FIBERGRAFT BG Morsels (Prod 150212)
Utilizing microscopic fibers of bioactive glass, FIBERGRAFT™ BG ... [more]
Healos (Prod 1875)
Healos® is an implantable osteoconductive bone grafting material ... [more]
Approved for acute, open tibial fractures. Contains rhBMP-2. ... [more]
INFUSE Bone Graft/LT-CAGE Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device (Prod 1314)
rhBMP-2 (recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein- 2) formula ... [more]
βGel (Prod 1501012)
An osteoconductive scaffold in the form of a malleable gel which ... [more]
MacroPor-Si+ (Prod 11564)
MacroPor-Si+ was developed to serve as a moldable material that c ... [more]
MBCP (Prod 11595)
Bone forming as an intelligent interplay of material structure an ... [more]
MIS Delivery System (Prod 10675)
MIS delivers the only synthetic graft that signals and recruits o ... [more]
nanOss Bioactive 3D
The next-generation nanOss Bioactive 3D is a synthetic three dim ... [more]
NeuGraft (Prod 1876)
NeuGraft is a synthetic bone graft substitute comprised of collag ... [more]
Osseolive® is a bioactive, poly-crystalline calcium-alkali-ph ... [more]
OsteoCure Angled Talar Shoulder Plug (Prod 6919)
OsteoCure™ implants use the PolyGraft® technology and are poro ... [more]
OsteoCure Bead Kits (Prod 6921)
The OsteoCure™ Bead Kits are indicated to treat bone voids seco ... [more]
OsteoCure Granules (Prod 6922)
OsteoCure™ Granules use PolyGraft® Material Technology and are ... [more]
OsteoCure Wedge and Block (Prod 6920)
OsteoCure Wedge and Block implants are indicated for use in filli ... [more]
OsteoMatrix Mineralized Collagen Scaffold (Prod 10732)
Highly purified type-1 collagen embedded with a biphasic mineral ... [more]
OsteoPlus Synthetic Bone Graft Composite (Prod 10733)
OsteoPlus Synthetic Bone Graft Composite is a biphasic calcium ph ... [more]
PANTERA Proximal Humerus Fixation Plate System
PANTERA® is a Proximal Humerus Fixation plate system indicate ... [more]
Porous Tissue Matrix
Several different bone graft substitutes fabricated from collagen ... [more]
R-Gel C-based synthetic bone graft substitutes (Prod 6100)
The R-Gel C-based synthetic bone graft substitute provides both o ... [more]
RegenOss represents an innovative concept in bone grafting. It is ... [more]
RegenOss (Prod 11136)
RegenOss represents an innovative concept in bone grafting. It is ... [more]
Solum IV (Prod 1606303)
Solum IV is a synthetic extracellular matrix biomaterial with a w ... [more]
Synthetic Bone Graft Putty (Prod 9117)
Synthetic bone graft putty that is osteostimulative, directly sti ... [more]