Structural Synthetic Grafts

Product Listings for Structural Synthetic Grafts
3DMetal Tibial Cones (Prod 1711044)
The 3DMetal Tibial Cones can be used for structural support in ar ... [more]
Adult Flatfoot Wedge (Prod 141224)
• Corrects adult flatfoot deformity through anatomical realignm ... [more]
AlloCraft PL (Prod 4268)
AlloCraft™ PL is a PLIF allograft spacer product composed o ... [more]
Allogran-N® (Prod 1025)
Synthetic granules bioengineered specifically for optimised perfo ... [more]
Allogran-R® (Prod 1026)
Synthetic Bone Substitute A focussed research programme has dev ... [more]
The AlloWedge bicortical grafts are pre-shaped and designed speci ... [more]
ATLANTIK and ATLANTIK Genta (Prod 10173)
synthetic bone substitutes (HA / TCP) with or without antibiotic: ... [more]
B-TCP OSferion Osteotomy Wedge
Withstands compression loads exceeding 5,000 N. ... [more]
Bioactive Strip® (Prod 1504261)
Bone graft composed of purified fibrillar collagen and resorbable ... [more]
BIOFOAM® Wedge System (Prod 1407253)
Cancellous Titanium Matrix that provides consistent strength and ... [more]
BioOsteo is composed of two basic components: the polyol (OH) and ... [more]
Bone Graft Substitutes
Bone graft substitutes are being developed as a replacement for ... [more]
BoneMedik (Prod 9557)
BoneMedik is a biocompatible bone subsititute based on natural co ... [more]
Calcigen™ PSI (Prod 4539)
Synthetic bone graft substitute composed of 60% Hydroxyapatite an ... [more]
Cerasorb M (Prod 4700)
B-tricalcium phosphate. Osteoconductive. Resorbable. Available in ... [more]
CrossBone (Prod 1505092)
The CrossBone is an implantable bone substitute, made of 60% hydr ... [more]
DUOWEDGE (Prod 10769)
Wedge for high tibial osteotomy.  Comprised of two differ ... [more]
ENGIpore (Prod 11139)
ENGIpore is an innovative porous hydroxyapatite biomaterial with ... [more]
FIT Facet Fusion Implant Technology (Prod 150127)
FIT™ is the first allograft facet dowel designed to simulta ... [more]
geneX (Prod 5680)
Synthetic, fully resorbable bone graft, conferred with a property ... [more]
Hammertoe Intramedullary Fusion Device (Prod 1412243)
Surgical repair of hammertoe deformity (digital arthrodesis) El ... [more]
HATriC Bone Graft Substitute
Ideal for first metatarsal opening wedge osteotomy for hallux val ... [more]
Kasios Cervical Cage (Prod 12153)
Kasios Cervical cage with synthetic bone substitute: KG Bone is ... [more]
Kasios® TCP Synthetic Bone Substitute (Prod 12151)
Macroporous synthetic bone substitute made of 99.9% Tricalcium Ph ... [more]
Mastergraft Strip (Prod 9922)
MASTERGRAFT® Strip - a new, highly flexible ceramic scaffold ... [more]
nanOss Bioactive (Prod 6125)
nanOssBioactive advanced bone graft combines collagen-based biosc ... [more]
nanOss Bioactive Loaded (Prod 11497)
nanOss Bioactive Loaded is a pre-filled mixing syringe conta ... [more]
Nobson (Prod 10430)
Ceramic scoliosis and PLIF spacers. ... [more]
NovaBone (Prod 7000)
100% synthetic bone graft device. ... [more]