Pin Protectors / Pin Covers

Product Listings for Pin Protectors / Pin Covers
Chapman Pin Ball (Prod 4707)
Pin protector that eliminates the need for ineffective plastic ca ... [more]
ChiroKlips (Prod 1801302)
ChiroKlips are a K-wire protection clip that are made of soft, pl ... [more]
Fixed Anti-migration Pin Ends (Prod 11209)
Their multiple advantages make them indispensable for the fitting ... [more]
K'Ball® Universal Pin Protector (Prod 10889 C515.1)K'Ball® Universal Pin Protector (Prod 10889 C515.1)
Single use medical device designed to protect patients and hospit ... [more]
K-Caps (Prod 6819)
Color-coded self-locking caps designed to securely fit on all ext ... [more]
K-Fix Pin Protector (Prod 5488)
System to protect patients or hospital staff from the K-wires sha ... [more]
K-Wire and Pin Covers (Prod 7126)
Post-surgical Sterile Guards to cover potruding pin or wire Des ... [more]
Pin Covers (Prod 2597)
Three sterile, color coded sizes fit all eleven Steinman Pins and ... [more]
Pin Covers For K-Wires, Steinmann Pins (Prod 5370)
Made of thermoplastic and available in three color-coded sizes th ... [more]
PIN-KAPS (Prod 8297)
Will safely cover the sharp ends of K-Wire and Steinmann Pins. ... [more]
PINCAP® Orthopedic Pin Protectors (Prod 7935)
The double-wall design of of these pin protectors provide protec ... [more]