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ArthroRivet Tack (Prod 6457)
Cannulated. Eliminates need for suture. Small implant size for ... [more]
Bankart Tack
For bankart tears and anterior instability due to tears of the la ... [more]
The BicepsButton™ is a Distal Biceps Repair Implant Sy ... [more]
Bio-Anchor Shoulder Instability Repair System
Bioabsorbable PLLA Material for Shoulder Instability Repair. Abs ... [more]
BioDuct™ Meniscal Fixation Device
The BioDuct™ LLC Meniscal Fixation Device is a bio-absorba ... [more]
CMC Cable FIX (Prod 11829)
Suture button implant designed to stabilize the thumb metacarpal ... [more]
Contour Labral Nail
The Contour™ Labral Nail is made of a proprietary Self-Rein ... [more]
Contour Meniscus Arrow
Arrow consists of a low profile rounded head, which will contour ... [more]
E-Z Tac™ (Prod 8631)
Resorbable repair device used to attach soft tissue to bone Imp ... [more]
Meniscus Arrow
For the repair of vertical, longitudinal "Bucket-Handle" tears of ... [more]
Michelangelo Bunion System MABS (Prod 11830)
The MABS is a next generation soft tissue reconstruction system o ... [more]
PLDLA Meniscal Dart
Solution for meniscal repair compared to headed implants. Absor ... [more]
PLLA Chondral Dart
Reversed barbed design to facilitate superior fixation and compre ... [more]
STRoPP Implant Kit (Prod 0909191)
The STRoPP Implant Kit with EcoSMART Instruments contains the ins ... [more]
TissueTak II
Sutureless bioabsorbable implant designed specifically for open o ... [more]
Unity TAK
Ultrasonic tissue fixation. Knotless. Suturless. Simple. Elim ... [more]
ZipE® Knotless Tissue Repair and Attachment Device (Prod 1704281)
Absorbable button that moves down a suture, locking itself from m ... [more]