Staples, Bone

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4Fusion (Prod 8559)
The 4Fusion™ shape memory quadripodal implant is designed t ... [more]
AEON Shape Memory Implant (Prod 8242)
The AEON Shape Memory Implant, a nitinol "smart" shape memory sta ... [more]
AGOS (Prod 150623)
AGOS is a range of staples for bone and ligamentary fixings. ... [more]
Akinstaples (Prod 150208)
Static staple for fixation of mono cortical phalangeal osteotomie ... [more]
Arcad® Staple Fixation System (Prod 1511304)
Arcad® Staple Fixation System. 8mm10mm15mm18mm20mm25mm. The Arca ... [more]
Arcus Staple System (Prod 150914)
The Arcus Staple System is indicated for fixation of bone fractur ... [more]
Barbed OSStaple (BOSS) (Prod 8837)
The BOSS is an orthopaedic nitinol implant with barbs on the legs ... [more]
Bone / Soft Tissue Staples
Ttriangular staple; Off-set staple; Ligament staple; Epiphys ... [more]
Bone Fixation Instruments and Implants (Prod 1606188)
The bone fixation instruments are designed to quickly and reprodu ... [more]
Bone Staple System (Prod 5341)
Staple system that enables the surgeon to fixate with both straig ... [more]
Bone Staples (Prod 10710 C115.1)
Zimmer, Smith Nephew ( Richards), DePuy, Howmedica staples and re ... [more]
BOWTI™ Anterior Buttress Staple (Prod 4445)
A staple intended to prevent anterior expulsion of a cervical bon ... [more]
Calcaneal Step OSStaple (Prod 8342)
Dynamic shape memory alloy bone specialty step staple formed from ... [more]
Charlotte Staples
Charlotte Compression Staple. Charlotte Quick Staple. ... [more]
Chromium Cobalt Fixation Staples (Prod 3563)
Extra-flat type "P" ligament fixation staples. Thin, flat bri ... [more]
Clover Staple (Prod 11001)
Four Corner and STT Fusion Staple ... [more]
Compressyn Staple (Prod 150220)
Compressyn™ Staple for small bone fixation, specifically in ... [more]
Cortical Compression Staple System (Prod 150404)
Fast, and easy to use. All components contained in one sterile pa ... [more]
Cradle Fixation Device (Prod 2667)
This device is intended for attachment of soft tissue or sutures ... [more]
DynaFORCE (Prod 1707153)
DynaFORCE is a hybrid fixation system comprised of a plate and ni ... [more]
dynaMX Compression Staples (Prod 150224)
This staple combines superelastic legs for compression with a mal ... [more]
EasyClip (Prod 8555)
The EasyClip™ staple is designed to facilitate easy and fas ... [more]
Evans Staple (Prod 8128)
For proximal humerus fixation. Example in X-Ray Identification u ... [more]
Express Staple System (Prod 1601096)
• Superelastic, Nitinol Shape Memory Staple • Delivers Immed ... [more]
Fastlok (Prod 150310)
The Fastlok is recommended for secure fatigue resistant fixation ... [more]
Fixation Staples
These fixation staples are constructed so that reliable refixatio ... [more]
Foot Arthrodesis Staples (Prod 7988)
Extra flat staple designed for patient comfort. Easy penetratio ... [more]
FuseFORCE SuperElastic Fixation System (1401022)
The FuseFORCE SuperElastic Fixation System is a compression-ready ... [more]
InstaFix™ Shape Memory Fixation System (Prod 1801077)
Due to its innovative “S” shaped back, the Nitinol body heat ... [more]
Instrument Makar LCR Staples (Prod 10709 C115.1)Instrument Makar LCR Staples (Prod 10709 C115.1)
Designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson Standard Staples Milled from non- ... [more]