Staples, Bone

Product Listings for Staples, Bone
Stealth Stapleā„¢ System (Prod 160508)
Intraosseous small bone fixation system The Stealth Staple is c ... [more]
Super Staple Classic (Prod 150206)
Nitinol, preloaded compression staple that not only compresses at ... [more]
Table Fixation Staples
Applications include knee ligament repair, arthrodesis of the wri ... [more]
TioFin Hallux Valgus Klammer (Prod 760)
Bone staple for hallux valgus correction. ... [more]
Titanium Fastlok (Prod 2664)
The Fastlok consists of a bone staple and a buckle. It is used to ... [more]
TRAPEZOID MEMODYN for Four Corner Wrist Fusions. The TRAPEZOID ME ... [more]
Uni-Clip Compression Staple
Compression Staple with adjustable and controlled mechanical comp ... [more]
Varisation Staple (Prod 150530)
The Varisation Staple is engineered from stainless steel and is i ... [more]
X-FUSE (Prod 8560)
The X-FUSE™ implant was developed for DIP II to V arthrodes ... [more]
Z-Staples (Prod 1506193)
Z-Staples is an all-in-one implant, consisting of the implant con ... [more]