Non Fusion / Dynamic Stabilization

Product Listings for Non Fusion / Dynamic Stabilization
BioFlex Spring Rod System
The company's BioFlex Spring Rod System is an innovation for the ... [more]
DSS Stabilization System (Prod 8395)
The DSSĀ® Stabilization System is intended as a single-level syst ... [more]
Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System
The Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization System combines the surgic ... [more]
Falena Interspinous Decompression Device (Prod 9472)
Falena® is a small titanium and PEEK implant inserted during ... [more]
Flexis (Prod 1712241)
Interspinous mobile device designed to be inserted in between the ... [more]
Flexis Interspinous Process Distraction Device (IPD)
The Principle behind the device is that by distracting the stenot ... [more]
NFlex Controlled Motion System
NFlex™ is a titanium pedicle screw / rod system with a desi ... [more]
NGarde Rod System
NGarde™ Rod pedicle screw and rod system was developed for ... [more]
U-Device: Interspinosal Stabilisator (Prod 8828)
Dynamic fixation and stabilisation.  Also available ... [more]
Wave FleX Semi Rigid System (Prod 9350)
The WX Spinal System is a semi-rigid, dynamic Stabilization syste ... [more]