Interspinous Process Spacers

Product Listings for Interspinous Process Spacers
Aileron InterSpinous Fixation System (Prod 11751)
Aileron™ is a minimally invasive adjustable InterSpino ... [more]
Axle® Interspinous Fusion System (Prod 10834)
The Axle Interspinous Fusion System is an internal fixation devic ... [more]
coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization® Device (Prod 7359)
The coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization® Device is indicated for ... [more]
DIAM Spinal Stabilization System (Prod 7089)
The DIAM System will be measured against posterior lumbar interbo ... [more]
DynaZIP™ (Prod 141213)
DynaZIP™ is a minimally invasive posterior dynamic interspinous ... [more]
Fixpino (Prod 160303)
The fixpinointerspinous fixation system is designed to insert the ... [more]
IFIX (Prod 18042410)
IFIX is an interspinous fusion system. ... [more]
InSWing (Prod 8276)
InSWing is designed to alleviate the leg and back pain suffered b ... [more]
Promise Interspinous Process System
In response to more and more demand from the patients to preserve ... [more]
ROCKER Interspinous Process System
ROCKER Interspinous Process System is a decompression spacer that ... [more]
Spear (Prod 1804249)
Spear is an interspinous stabilization system. ... [more]
Superion Interspinous Spacer System (Prod 8382)
The Superion implant is placed percutaneously between the spinous ... [more]
UniWallis™ System (Prod 11399)
The next generation of the Wallis® Posterior Dynamic Stabilizati ... [more]
VIKING Dynamic Interspinous System (Prod 11089)
Dynamic interspinous system for the lumbar spine Acts as a "sho ... [more]
Wallis Posterior Dynamic Stabilization Device
The Wallis System is a device implanted in the back which potenti ... [more]
X-STOP Interspinous Process Decompression System (Prod 3762)
Used to relieve symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis. Titanium impl ... [more]