Hip MIS Attachments

Product Listings for Hip MIS Attachments
ARCH Leg Positioning System (Prod 160405)
A leading solution for anterior approach leg positioning, the ARC ... [more]
ARCH Table Extension (Prod 10469)
Leg-holding traction device. Allows optimal leg positioning. Un ... [more]
Chick MIS System (Prod 1407301 C615.1)
Superior range of motion with up to 150 deg. up/down and 165 deg. ... [more]
FLOTE is a compact, lightweight, portable instrument that attache ... [more]
Kreuzer Leg Positioning System (Prod 160405)
MIS hip replacement, computer-aided surgery, and other demanding ... [more]
Lindy Traction Boot Liner (Prod 1704212)
Traction Boot Liner For use with Allen® Traction Boo ... [more]
MIS Hip Attachment (Prod 7171)
Enhances the general surgical table by making it possible to perf ... [more]
PURIST Anterior THR Positioning System (Prod 160405)
Next generation leg positioning system designed to boost efficien ... [more]
RotexShoe® (Prod 1503102C615.1)
Traction boot designed for the RotexTable® Attaches to t ... [more]
RotexTable® Attachment  (Prod 1503101 C415.1)RotexTable® Attachment (Prod 1503101 C415.1)
Stable, ergonomic positioning for MIS (minimal incision surgery) ... [more]
XR Riser System (Prod 160405)
When installed on a standard US or EU surgical table, the XR Rise ... [more]