Miscellaneous Spine Implants

Product Listings for Miscellaneous Spine Implants
Annex® Adjacent Level System (Prod 151019)
Secure to existing 5.5 mm diameter rod systems, including the Cap ... [more]
ARI (Prod 11810)
Low-profile, anterior staple system in combination with the revol ... [more]
A device implanted in the mid to low back to promote spinal fusio ... [more]
Black Widow (Prod 12175)
The Black Widow buttress plate and buttress plate screw are made ... [more]
Boa Constrictor®
Cross link. ... [more]
CLARIS (Prod 4278)
With its outstanding versatility (angular, lateral and depth adju ... [more]
DTO 5.5 System
New implants and instruments have been designed to connect the cl ... [more]
Enduramesh is indicated for use in the thoracolumbar spine (T1-L5 ... [more]
fiXate Tissue Band
The fiXate™ Tissue Band product is designed to secure Spin ... [more]
FSU Total Spinal Segment Replacement (Prod 10363)
FSU Total Spinal Segment Replacement is designed to provide an al ... [more]
GelStix Nucleus Augmentation Implant (Prod 11049)
The GelStix Nucleus Augmentation implant is composed of hydrolyze ... [more]
Graf Spinal System (Prod 10426)
Posterior spinal system that requires no bone graft but can provi ... [more]
Harrington Rods (Prod 9779 C115.1)Harrington Rods (Prod 9779 C115.1)
Shown with distraction rod, bifid hooks and blunt distraction hoo ... [more]
Inclose Surgical Mesh
A surgical mesh system to serve as a barrier and scaffold in the ... [more]
Integrated Global Alignment (iGA) (Prod 150508)
The iGA is a proprietary, procedurally integrated, digital platfo ... [more]
Irix-A™ (Prod 160304)
The Irix-A™ is a stand alone anterior lumbar fusion device cons ... [more]
Irix-C™ (Prod 150330)
The Irix-C™ Cervical Integrated Fusion System is a standalone l ... [more]
ISSYS LP Auxiliary Connectors (Prod 11710)
The ISSYS LP Auxiliary Connectors were designed to provide medial ... [more]
JAZZ™ Standalone (Prod 1705041)
The JAZZ™ Standalone implant is a rodless posterior fixation sy ... [more]
LYNX Cross Connector (Prod 11745)
The LYNX Cross Connector utilizes an innovative design that featu ... [more]
Nex-Link Cervicothoracic Fixation System
An implant system used in the back of the neck to stabilize the n ... [more]
Nex-Link OCT Spinal Fixation System
System specifically designed to provide stability and fixati ... [more]
Palladian™ (Prod 17042617)
Cross Connector: Designed to be Top Loaded and Tightened ... [more]
Percutaneous Nucleus Replacement (PNR)
The PNR implant is inserted into the degenerative disc via a smal ... [more]
S.S.I.I. Transverse System (Prod 10429)
Designed for use with a posterior spinal rod fusion system ... [more]
Sacroiliac Joint Fusion (SIJ Fuse) System (Prod 150508)
The device can be utilized in both lateral and alternate posterio ... [more]
Silex® (Prod 150330)
The Silex® Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Implant System is a distin ... [more]