Irrigation / Suction Systems

Product Listings for Irrigation / Suction Systems
2500C Pulse Lavage System (Prod 16062412)
The 2500C Pulse Lavage system is an efficient, high-pressure irri ... [more]
Combiguard II (Prod 9280)
High Pressure Irrigation Splash Guard, Combiguard II® is a steri ... [more]
Combiport Wound Irrigation Device (Prod 9282)
The Combiport® is an effective instrument for administering a hi ... [more]
Coriflo+ (Prod 11481)
Filtered Suction System: The Coriflo+ orthopaedic filtered suctio ... [more]
Ecopulse Pulsed Irrigation System (Prod 2670)Ecopulse Pulsed Irrigation System (Prod 2670)
Re-usable pneumatic handpiece with a disposable pump kit ... [more]
InterPulse System
InterPulse System advances the ease and performance of battery po ... [more]
irrisept Disposable Debridement System (Prod 1406)
Disposable, irrigation/debridement system that contains chlorhexi ... [more]
Kam Super Suckers (Prod 5949)
Kam Super Suckers are tips for suction tubing. The design allows ... [more]
MicroAire ® High Speed Pulse Lavage (Prod 1802117)
The MicroAire ® High Speed Pulse Lavage is a resterilizable high ... [more]
OptiLavage (Prod 3758)
The OptiLavage system is a modern system combining irrigation and ... [more]
OrthoPulse Lavage System (Prod 8398)
OrthoPulse Lavage System is a semi-disposable system: handpieces ... [more]
PulsaClean ® (Prod 1802116)
PulsaClean ® is an effective and simple disposable pulse lavage ... [more]
PulsaVac Plus Wound Debridement System
Secure locking mechanism for multiple configurations. High power ... [more]
Pulse Lavage (Prod 10726)
The Pulse Lavage is an easy-to-use, pneumatic instrument that pum ... [more]
Pulse Lavage (Prod 18022610)
In addition to vacuum mixing and pressurisation, bone bed cleanin ... [more]
Pulse Lavage (Prod 2005091)
Single use pulse lavage ... [more]
Pulse Lavage System (Prod 2092)
The Pulse Lavage System is comprised of either a unitized handpie ... [more]
Simpulse Solo
Pulsed Lavage System: Simpulse pulsed lavage system is simple to ... [more]
Simpulse* SOLO Irrigation System
For those who require more portability without an external power ... [more]
Single Use Suction Tips / Tubes (Prod 10296)
Frazier, Lempert, Magill, Micro Suction, Diathermy,  Fene ... [more]
SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debridement (UWD) (Prod 8581)
SonicOne™ Ultrasonic Wound Debridement (UWD), a Misonix Inc ... [more]
Suction Irrigator and Irrigation Pump (Prod 10297)
Single use Suction Irrigator and an Irrigation Pump ... [more]
VitalVue Orthopaedic Tip (Prod 2012)
Illumination, Irrigation and Aspiration Device proven useful in r ... [more]
Wound Irrigation System
This Wound Irrigation System is a sterile saline squeeze bottle w ... [more]
WoundWand Debridement Device (Prod 10863)
The WoundWand uses patented Coblation technology to enable n ... [more]