Positioners, Lower Extremity

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Countersupport (Prod 7422)
Designed primarily to aid reduction and x-ray during surgery. It ... [more]
Innovating the way you do your irrigation and debridements (I&D). ... [more]
Patient Care Boot Insert Pad (FP 1504222.417)Patient Care Boot Insert Pad (FP 1504222.417)
For Use With SMITH & NEPHEW® Supine Hip Positioning Sys ... [more]
Ramp for Lower Extremity Trauma (Prod 160325)
ORIF of Tibia, Ankle, Midfoot and Forefoot FX: Radioluce ... [more]
Russell Frame  (FP 11051)Russell Frame (FP 11051)
A surgical assist device that provides a stable platform and easy ... [more]
Tibial Distractor
Connects horizontal pin through calcaneus to tibial triangle redu ... [more]
Universal Limb Positioner System
The Universal Limb Positioner System can be used for arthroscopic ... [more]
Zero Degree Knee (Prod 1506298)
Post operative knee elevation-extension support Created by a to ... [more]