DePuy Trilock Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 201024)

About DePuy Trilock Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 201024)

Submitted as an Unidentified Total Hip Prosthesis by John Lucero
Orthopaedic Reconstruction Product Representative
A1A Inc. Representing DePuy Orthopaedics
Portland, Oregon

As of October 27, 2020 there have been over 3,000 views of this prosthesis and multiple suggestions as to the name of the prosthesis and manufacturer.  As there are numerous suggestions that vary, we are hesitant to declare a specific name for this prosthesis.  If you have the answer, please use the "Request Product information" form below to share it with us.  

The suggestions we have received are as follows (in no particular order):
  • Kevin Brown:  The sharp tip of the stem as seen on the lateral view is unusual, so he is not sure.
  • Sean Smith:  Pinnacle cup, Trilock stem
  • John Lucero:  Pinnacle cup, maybe Trilock stem but pointed stem make that questionable
  • Tanner Ayle:  Depuy's Pinnacle cup.  Biomet Taper Loc or Zimmer ML Taper stem
  • Richard Lloyd:  Muller straight stem (CCA) by Mathys
  • Hani Abdul-Jabar:  Smith & Nephew Polar stem
  • Andrew Jessop:  ML Taper from Accolade (or heritage of)
  • Richard Southgate:  Pinnacle/G7 knockoff cup
  • Martin Pickford:  Not a polar stem
  • Keith Tighe, Jr.:  ML taper stem, Trilogy cup
  • Mustafa Alnaib:  Suggested looking at
On July 3, 2021, it was positively identified by Dr. Andrew Schwartz as the original Depuy Trilock, the one before Depuy came out with the bone-preserving version. This model has the point seen in the saggital plane.

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