Shoulder (Site Specific)

Atlantech Shoulder Retractor (Prod 2421)
For open Rotator Cuff and Anterior Instability surgery ... [more]
Bhattman Humeral Head Lever (Prod 4303)
Two widely spaced, semi-sharp prongs that fit on the posterior ed ... [more]
Bristow-Latarject Instability Shoulder System Instrument Set
For open and arthroscopic Latarject Procedure or Bristow Procedur ... [more]
Concept® Suture Passer
For suture passing in rotator cuff repair Active window that ca ... [more]
Darrach Retractor (Prod 4408)
To retract the humeral head for exposure of the acromion. Offere ... [more]
DreamReam™ (Prod 1704251)
The DreamReam™ is an expandable profile glenoid reamer. The Dre ... [more]
Encore Deltoid Retractor (Prod 6326)
Bennett-like retractor shaped for the shoulder to retract the del ... [more]
Equinoxe Shoulder Fracture System (Prod 8134)
The Equinoxe Fracture System is used in conjunction with the Frac ... [more]
Fukuda-Kujat Retractor (Prod 7723)
Fukuda retractor modified with slightly forward distal bend and s ... [more]
GoldLine Shoulder Retractor System (Prod 1503114)
Table-fixed, self-retaining, wound spreader system for shouder su ... [more]
Gratloch Wire Bender (Prod 7324 C716.1)
Allows one to simultaneously stabilize and bend a Kirschner wire ... [more]
Kolbel Retractor (Prod 4304)
Self retaining retractor for shoulder surgery including but not l ... [more]
Link Rotator Cuff Instrument System
Wide assortment of instrumentation that can be used for a variety ... [more]
Meyerding Hip and Shoulder Skid (Prod 4668 C716.1)
To extract the femoral or humeral head ... [more]
Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair System
Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair System ... [more]
MOBILITY Shoulder Retractor Set (Prod 8974)
This set includes a Darrach Retractor; Humeral Head Retractor; Du ... [more]
Nottingham Augmentation Device (Prod 4559)
The Nottingham Augmentation Device was designed for the reconstru ... [more]
Optimal Shoulder Repair Set (Prod 7721)
Instrument set built around the Kolbel retractor frame. Ultra th ... [more]
Orthopedic Instruments (Prod 3221)
A complete line of shoulder instruments for arthroscopic as well ... [more]
Phantom HS™ Shoulder Retractor Set (Prod 1804043)
The Phantom HS™ Shoulder Retractor Set provides hands-free retr ... [more]
QUATTRO Shoulder System (Prod 11923)
QUATTRO™ Shoulder System is a comprehensive shoulder solut ... [more]
Shoulder Arthroplasty Retractor Set (Prod 10751)
Comprehensive set consisting of 25 standard and specialty retract ... [more]