Tibia Fracture & Osteotomy Fixation: Proximal

B. Braun Blade Plate (Implant 426)B. Braun Blade Plate (Implant 426)
Blade plate (model # KP 301) implanted 21 years prior by another ... [more]
EBI Precontoured Prox Tib Plate (Implant 639)EBI Precontoured Prox Tib Plate (Implant 639)
Locking lateral precontoured proximal tibial plate used for a bic ... [more]
EBI Precontoured Tibial Plateau Plate (Implant 638)EBI Precontoured Tibial Plateau Plate (Implant 638)
Posteromedial precontoured plate for use in tibial plateau fractu ... [more]
Howmedica Coventry HTO Staple (Implant 156)Howmedica Coventry HTO Staple (Implant 156)
Coventry HTO (High Tibial Osteotomy) Staple Courtesy of W. Jaso ... [more]
Howmedica FirstStep (Implant 72)Howmedica FirstStep (Implant 72)
First Step HTO device. Lateral view. Identified by Mark Hawkins, ... [more]
Intermedics HTO Plate (Implant 2104031)Intermedics HTO Plate (Implant 2104031)
HTO (High Tibial Osteotomy) Plate Manufacturer:  Intermed ... [more]
Synthes Buttress Plate (Implant 189)Synthes Buttress Plate (Implant 189)
Synthes Buttress Plate with Locking Screws Courtesy of Craig Jo ... [more]
Synthes L. Plate (Implant 163)Synthes L. Plate (Implant 163)
HTO Fixation with Synthes L Plate Courtesy of W. Jason McDaniel ... [more]
Synthes Locking Tibial Plate (Implant 22)Synthes Locking Tibial Plate (Implant 22)
Synthes Locking Tibial Plateau Plate (for Bicondylar Fx) Courte ... [more]
Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 247)Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 247)
AP Proximal tibia plate. First generation anatomic plates, not lo ... [more]
Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 248)Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 248)
Lateral of first generation anatomic proximal tibia plates. Not l ... [more]