Humerus Fracture Fixation: Shaft

Acumed Polaris Plus Nail (Implant 82)Acumed Polaris Plus Nail (Implant 82)
Polarus Plus (extra long) Nail. (Floating screw was "lost" durin ... [more]
Smith & Nephew Humeral Nail (Implant 289)Smith & Nephew Humeral Nail (Implant 289)
AP: Smith+Nephew humeral nail for comminuted shaft fracture. Lock ... [more]
Synthes AO Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 266)Synthes AO Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 266)
AP of Left humerus with AO Titanium Solid humeral rod. Note AP lo ... [more]
Synthes DCP Plate (Implant 69)Synthes DCP Plate (Implant 69)
Synthes 4.5 DCP plate with cerclage cables/peg system used to sta ... [more]
Synthes Flexnail (Implant 219)Synthes Flexnail (Implant 219)
Flexnail. Titanium flexible medullary nail for fixation of humer ... [more]
Synthes Flexnail (Implant 258)Synthes Flexnail (Implant 258)
AP: Flexnail retrograde insertion. Derotation wires deployed from ... [more]
Synthes Humeral Rod (Implant 228)Synthes Humeral Rod (Implant 228)
Titanium solid humeral rod, interlocking.(Lat) Courtesy of Stev ... [more]
Synthes Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 227)Synthes Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 227)
Titanium solid humeral rod, interlocking. Also comes in canullate ... [more]