Wrist: Prostheses

Wrist Prostheses:  KMI (Implant 194)Wrist Prostheses: KMI (Implant 194)
3 year follow-up xray after cemented rheumatoid total wrist arthr ... [more]
Wrist Prostheses:  KMI (Implant 195)Wrist Prostheses: KMI (Implant 195)
Revised non-cemented rheumatoid total wrist arthroplasty using 2n ... [more]
Wrist Prostheses:  SBI (Implant 614)Wrist Prostheses: SBI (Implant 614)
PA view of SBI total wrist resurfacing arthroplasty in young arch ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Hamas Pre-Centered (Implant 308)Wrist, Total: Hamas Pre-Centered (Implant 308)
Wrist: Hamas Pre-Centered Total Wrist Prosthesis X-ray Template. ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Kuhlman (Implant 306)Wrist, Total: Kuhlman (Implant 306)
Kuhlman Total Wrist Prosthesis. Made in France. This image ca ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Loda (Implant 309)Wrist, Total: Loda (Implant 309)
Loda Total Wrist Prosthesis; developmetal. This image came from ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Mayo Weber (Implant 303)Wrist, Total: Mayo Weber (Implant 303)
Mayo Weber Total Wrist Prosthesis; developmental. This image ca ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Meuli (Implant 300)Wrist, Total: Meuli (Implant 300)
Meuli Total Wrist Prosthesis, circa 1972. This image came from ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Meuli II  (Implant 301)Wrist, Total: Meuli II (Implant 301)
Meuli II Total Wrist. [From a notebook of photographs presented ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Meuli III  (Implant 302)Wrist, Total: Meuli III (Implant 302)
Meuli III Total Wrist Prosthesis. From a collection of photogra ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Name Unknown  (Implant 307)Wrist, Total: Name Unknown (Implant 307)
Total Wrist Prosthesis. Name unknown; made in France. From a c ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Taliesnik (Implant 304)Wrist, Total: Taliesnik (Implant 304)
Taliesnik Total Wrist Prosthesis. This image came from a collec ... [more]
Wrist, Total:  Volz  (Implant 305)Wrist, Total: Volz (Implant 305)
Volz Total Wrist Prosthesis. This image came from a collection ... [more]